Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management organises Guest Lectures on Cloud Computing & Application of Information security & Risk Management

Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management(AITTM) organized a guest lectures for students of MBA-Telecom Management and B.Tech – Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering on separate venues on the topics Cloud Computing and Application of Information Security & Risk Management by Cdr Manash Paul (Retd), Information Security Manager-APAC and Mr. Kuldeep Kumar, Consultant, Information Security Manager, Tata Consultancy Services.

While delivering lectures on Cloud Computing, Speakers highlighted the following:
1. Concept of Cloud Computing and its Characteristics.
2. Layers of Cloud Computing.
3. Cloud Computing Deployment Models and its applications for different Users
4. Cloud Architecture, the system architecture of the software systems involve in the delivery of cloud computing.
5. Issues which included Privacy, Compliance, legal, Opn Source, Opn Standards, Sustainability, Security etc.
6. Future of Cloud Computing.

While delivering lectures on Application of Information security & Risk Management, speakers covered the following:
1. What is information
2. Different type of challenges such as speed of attack, sophistication of attacks, difficulties of patching, borderless networks etc.
3. Various Security Threat like Identity Theft, Malware, Patch Management failure, Social Networking, Hacktivism, SPAM, Ransomware etc.

Lectures were very informative and interactive which were followed by Question Answer session wherein the speakers gave their expert views on the queries put up by the students.

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