‘Ultrasonics Bridging its Way into Nanotechnology’ says Dr. R.R.Yadav while Inaugurating a 2-Day National Seminar at Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Bijwasan

Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Bijwasan, organized a two-day National Seminar on ‘Materials Characterization by Ultrasonics’ from 3 - 4 April, 2012 which was inaugurated by Professor Raja Ram Yadav, Department of Physics, University of Allahabad, Allahabad and Dr. V.R.Singh, Vice President - Ultrasonics Society of India. The Seminar is being conducted in association with the Ultrasonics Society of India and the National Physical Laboratory.

Inaugurating the Seminar, Dr. Raja Ram Yadav, Department of Physics, University of Allahabad, Allahabad spoke on the ‘Behavior of Ultrasonic Propagation in Materials’ and outlined the usage of ultrasonic in various fields of science, which is mostly for medical and diagnostic purposes. He also explained the progressive work being done by Indian scientists in order to extract the optimum utilization of ultrasonics. Ultrasonics can identify the characteristics of a material (any matter) by the use of sensors which also defines the behavior of ultrasonic propagation. Dr. Yadav encouraged incorporating ultrasonics engineering to be a part of engineering colleges/courses/ institutions. Dr. Yadav outlined the differences between X-rays and Ultrasound, with their benefits and setbacks.

Dr. Yadav averred about the recent advances ultrasonic engineering has attained and that Ultrasonics is ready to enter the field of nanotechnology, especially to benefit Medical Science. Cancer treatment might also be possible through nanoparticles. When ultrasound is propagated, it interacts with the particular material and reveals its characteristics judging on the density, intensity and frequency of the interaction. Temperature dependency is also a factor for characterizing a material. Similar method is used to reveal nanoparticles in a material and therefore it is likely to treat dangerous diseases like cancer as well.

Dr. V.R. Singh, Vice President - Ultrasonics Society of India, in his inaugural speech, gave an introduction of Ultrasonics, its utilization and progress. Students of ultrasonics learn about high power and low power devices, methods to get equipped with recent as well as prospective technology. Dr. Singh also averred on future technological trends and development of nano-ultrasonic system and ultrasonic biotelemetry technology. He also outlined the benefits of using ultrasound in agriculture, which would make bulk management and food processing fairly simpler.

Professor B.P. Singh, Senior Director, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Bijwasan explained the aims and objectives of the seminar as well as the importance of Ultrasonics in the field of Science. Ultrasonic techniques have played a key role in theoretical and practical investigations, research and development in the area of Medical Sciences and Industrial applications. This seminar would provide an opportunity on a vibrant and dynamic platform to all participants to share their views on the latest development in the are on Ultrasonics and its applications, said Professor B.P. Singh.

Several academicians, researchers and scientists from all over India attended the seminar, where more technical sessions will be held tomorrow, on issues such as ‘Microstructural Characterization of Nuclear Materials by Ultrasonics’, ‘Vedic Mathematics: Squaring in Different Number Systems’, ‘Ultrasonic Study of Molecular Interactions in Binary Mixtures at 308K’, ‘Characteristic of Materials Based on Ultrasonic Parameters’, ‘Compatibility Studies on Poly Blends of Butyl Rubber with PPG and PEG’ etc.

‘Molecular Interaction Study of Binary Mixtures of Acrylonitrile with Methanol at Different Frequencies’, ‘Surface Acoustic Wave Device for Hydrogen Gas Sensing’, ‘Theoretical Computation of Ultrasonic Velocity in Liquids’, ‘Study of Molecular Interactions in Solvent Mixture Used for Preparation of Date Palm Fibre using Ultrasonic Technique’ etc were some topics discussed during the seminar today.

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