Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management organises Cancer Awareness Campaign

As part of human values quarter, students of MBA TELECOM, Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management, Batch 2011-13, organized a campaign to spread awareness against cancer among the students and faculty in Amity university campus, sector 125, Noida, on April 11, 2012.

The students of MBA TELECOM made banners and posters and distributed pamphlets among the students and faculty. The main aim of the activity was to give some quick facts to make the students and faculty aware of how Cancer is the second leading cause of death and that almost half of all cancer deaths can be prevented with early detection and treatment. Women have the highest incidence of cervical cancer.

The students also gave Cancer Prevention Tips through their pamphlets like how exercising regularly i.e. minimum 30 minutes per day reduces the cancer risk by at least 40 percent. Also eating a healthy well- balanced diet, with little or no red meat and lots of fresh fruits and vegetbles helps in reducing cancer. The students also informed how Cigarette smoking increases the cancer risk by 30 percent. And lastly a regular examination is the best way to fight cancer.

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