Human Values Day Celebration at Amity University Rajasthan

27th April, 2012, the Birthday of our Chairperson Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan was celebrated as Human Values Day at Amity University Rajasthan. This was a part of the Human Values Quarter starting from 27th January 2012. Under guidance from the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. Raj Singh, ASCENT (Amity School of Communication Enhancement and Transformation) organized an ‘Extempore’ and an ‘Essay Writing’ competition with Human Values as a theme, for AUR students. The topics for Extempore were: 1.An ideal life is a life with no restrictions and 2.Youth is a time of restrain and responsibility rather than fun and frivolity. The topics for Essay writing were: 1.In pursuit of success, the Ends justify the Means and 2.In today’s scenario having strong ethics and values is a disadvantage. Both the events carried I, II & III prizes. Dr. R. P. Singh, Dean Research AUR and Ms. Jasbeen Chawla, Astt. Director ASCENT were Judges for Extempore. Mr. Omang from MBA Sem II and Mr. Gopalam Sulthania from BA LLB Sem II jointly secured I prize for Extempore. Mr. MGR Saurabh from B.Tech (M&AE) Sem II secured II prize for the same. Mr. Kaushal Sharma, Mr. Manoj Kumar and Dr. Ashish Johri from ASCENT assisted in organizing this event.

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