A session on 'Stress Management' was organised by Amity Business School, Amity University Rajasthan

On 26th April’12, a session on ‘Stress Management’ was organized in the auditorium. In this session, a lecture was delivered by the guest, Brig. Madan Mohan Chopra in the presence of Maj Gen B.N. Kaul, Director, ABS, faculty members and students of ABS. Brig. M. M. Chopra was born on 2nd march 1930. He got commissioned in Army on 28th December, 1952 and served for almost 30 years before he took a premature retirement. He served at Gwalior, Mizoram, Palampur and also in Gaza and Congo from 1956- 1961. After which, he was the M.D. of the first liquor manufacturing unit in the state of M. P. from 1981- 1991. He does specialized training and has visited the whole of USA, Australia, NZ (Alaska), Europe, Indonesia, Malasia, Singapore and Thailand. The session was very knowledgeable and influential and encompassed various methods of stress management. Emphasis was laid on the use of Yoga and meditation as the efficient tools for managing stress in today’s scenario and the benefits of these on the human soul and body. Through an elaborate presentation, our guest shared his views on the topic with the students. The session was interactive and the lecture was followed by a Q&A session. The session lasted for about 2 hours and eventually, a token of appreciation, was presented by Maj Gen B .N. Kaul to the guest, Brig M. M. Chopra on behalf of Amity University.

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