Amity School of Languages, Amity University Rajasthan organised Language Expo : Know Germany

German language students of AUR put up amazing performances in the Language Expo and impressed the spectators including the Guest of Honour, Dr.Rajendra Padture, Associate Professor,Rajasthan University who appreciated the functions of the Amity School of Languages,AUR by calling it "Amity School of Global knowledge." Students exhibited various colourful and majestic structures of important monuments, sites and landmarks of Germany(German Universities,town halls,automobile industry,the Brandenburg Gate among others representing almost all the 16 states of the country.Their enthusiasm also knew no bounds when they presented their works to the Guest of Honour as well as the Registrar,AUR, Directors, Faculties and other language students of AUR using microphones, posters and giving historical and cultural insights about their creations.The Old Moot Court of ABS building bore testimony to a huge rush of an enthusiastic crowd on that day.

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