One day Seminar On Competitive Intelligence: The Secret to success” Organized at Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Amity College of Corporate Warfare

Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Amity College of Corporate Warfare organized one day seminar on: “Competitive Intelligence: The Secret to success”, at Amity University Campus, Noida. The objective of this seminar was to appraise the participants with the need for getting training in the basic techniques of Competitive Intelligence and in the art of Corporate Warfare which now emerges as necessity, as India reinforces its efforts to become a superpower, challenging the global competitors. Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence the one of its kind in the country offers unique two year program in MBA-Competitive Intelligence & Corporate Warfare (with additional specialization in Marketing & Sales).

Chief Guest of the occasion Mr. Vivek Aggarwal, Head of Operations, Competitive Intelligence, Hill & Associates remarked “Strategic decisions about an organization’s future direction are dependent on many factors; the industry landscape, your organization’s core competencies in relation to landscape, and the expanding global economy, to name a few. Organizations must be able to anticipate and react to changes that occur both inside and outside their industry. Whether one is in sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing or finance or the CEO of a company, Competitive Intelligence will help one to improve planning and decision making, enhance early warning and forecasting of competitive threats, manage and reduce risk, learn about one’s competitor’s corporate and business strategies, anticipate competitors’ research and development strategies, make knowledge profitable and avoid information overload, avoid blind spots and act rather than react. This subject although is fairly new but has gained popularity because now a days, success is what everyone strives for.”

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, while sharing his views on this seminar and said, “In this age of intelligence, business success will be dependent on knowing how to cultivate intelligence and use it to advantage. Truly competitive companies will become increasingly sophisticated at collecting and processing information to churn out intelligence. Businesses will learn that their greatest assets are the sharp minds of their employees, their analysing skills and their ability to make effective decisions. Competitive Intelligence is still in its formative stages of evolution. The more obvious techniques have been codified but new developments are constantly taking place. As intelligence gathering becomes more widespread so will the techniques for restricting the outflow of information from companies (counter-intelligence). Each side of the equation will need to find methods of circumventing initiatives taken by the other. Competitive Intelligence equips professionals and students with the techniques that would enable them to see the unseen and thus, provide an organization and its leadership with an edge over its competitors”.

Maj. Gen. Ashok Krishna, AVSM (Retd.) Director, Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence and Director, Amity College of Corporate Warfare briefed the corporates on the importance of competitive intelligence in today’s competitive environment. He assured participants that, it will be the endeavour of the Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence to equip its participants with the necessary skills in Competitive Intelligence so that they can stay ahead of the curve. The primary focus of the courses will be to collect and emphasize on techniques that will help in the assessments for the decision maker. Referring to the study conducted among the Fortune 500 companies, he said that those who place high value on competitor information generally outperform their rivals when it comes to pivotal performance measures like gross margin and sustained revenue growth. Medium and small businesses area also competing for market share and their

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