India needs more native Mandarin Instructors to teach the language which can bridge the gaps in trade between India and China”, says H.E. Wenchyi Ong, Ambassador of Taiwan during the launch of Mandarin Language Course at Taiwan Education Centre (TEC), Amity University

"There is a deficit of trust between India and China and lack of understanding between India and Taiwan.The best way to address this problem is through overcoming the barrier of language and introducing Chinese Mandarin language in India.” emphasized H.E. Wenchyi Ong, Ambassador of Taiwan while launching Mandarin Language Course at Taiwan Education Centre (TEC) established at Amity University, Sector-125, Noida.

Under the first of its kind initiative, the students of Amity University will get this rare opportunity of learning Chinese Mandarin language by the Native Taiwanese Instructors under Taiwan Education Centre established at Amity University.

H.E. Wenchyi Ong, Ambassador of Taiwan rued the fact that there are “ less than 200 people in the great nation of India who can use Chinese language and more than half of them are in the tourism sector working as guides. In Corporates, Intelligence Community etc., there are less than 100 people who can use Mandarin language and can contribute to the growth of the Nation. Therefore, there is a need to promote Mandarin language amongst Indians. Moreover, Chinese Companies worldwide are collaborating with other companies and learning the language helps in better business negotiations”.

The Ambassador, who himself visited Universities in 24 states of India, lamented the dearth of quality Chinese Mandarin Instructors in India and remarked, “the quality of Chinese Indian Instructors in Delhi University, JNU, Shantiniketan University and BHU are not up to the mark and there is a need to have more native Mandarin instructors from China to teach this language in India.”

Welcoming the august gathering, Dr. B Shukla- Acting Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh shared that Chinese Mandarin needs to be promoted in India and since the establishment of TEC at Amity University last year, there has been an remarkable increase in the number of students enrolled in Chinese Mandarin language.

Sharing his views during the occasion, Prof. Wei-Chung Wang, Vice President of Global Affairs, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU ) stressed that NTHU with the help of Amity University wants to improve the relationship and understanding between India and China through Taiwan Education Centre wherein the instructors from Taiwan will teach and train the students of Amity in Chinese Mandarin language free of cost. He assured that Amity University and NTHU would work together and work harder to popularize Mandarin language in Amity and in India.

The Ambassador was accompanied by his wife Ms. Chia Hua Ho and daughter during his visit to Amity.

Taiwan Education Centre (TEC) was inaugurated at Amity University, Uttar Pradesh in November 2011 as part of an MoU signed between Amity University and National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Hsinchu, Taiwan wherein both the institutions agreed to collaborate to strengthen the mutual relationship and facilitating the exchange of expertise, leading to academic development of the students and staff of both the Universities.

As part of the faculty exchange programme of the MoU, four native Mandarin Instructors- Mr. Chia-Yu Wu, instructor of Chinese Language Center, Ms. Chia-Huei (Anita) Chen. Sr. Programme Manager, Program Office in NTHU for Taiwan Education Center in India, Ms. Ya-Ting (Dorothy) Fan, Program Manager, Program Office in NTHU for Taiwan Education Center in India and Ms. Yu-Li Tung, Chung Christian University, Ph.D candidate, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India have come to Amity University and have been teaching the students Chinese Mandarin Language.

The results of the hard work and sincerity of the Chinese Mandarin Instructors and Amity Students who have been learning the language for last one month were displayed prominently when a group of students from AMITY Business School and Amity International Business School recited poems and songs in flawless Chinese Mandarin language.

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