Dr. Tan Cher Ming, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore delivers lecture at Amity School of Engineering and Technology

Dr. Tan Cher Ming, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore delivered lecture on the topic "Reliability and its Importance “at Amity School of Engineering and Technology.

Dr. Tan Cher Ming is also the General Chair of IEEE International Conference on Nanoelectronics 2008, General Co-Chair of International Symposium of Integrated Circuits 2007 and 2009, Founding Chair of IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies – Nanoelectronics. He is also the Guest Editor of International J. of Nanotechnology. He is in the reviewer board of several International Journals such as Thin Solid Film, Microelectronic Reliability, and Microelectronic Engineering etc. He is presently the co-author of 5 books and book chapters. He has published 160 International papers with 1 patent and a Software copyright in his name. He is also the Chief Editor of a statistical optimization book titled as stimulated Annealing to be published by ARS publishing Company, in 2008.

Dr Tan in his lecture told the importance of reliability in the daily life, giving example to Toyota recalls, NVIDIA GPU failures. The loses caused due to reliability issues are huge adversely affecting the Market share of the manufacturer and sometimes costing lives due to device failures. He generated an understanding about the difference between the Quality and Reliability of the device. According him the designing is not the key but understanding and analyzing the failure parameters, thereby making devices more reliable should be the key factor in the mind of a designer. In his talk, the basic physics of reliability was presented, and the impact of it to circuit performances was shown. He explained how the Mean Time To Failure doesn’t tell about how reliable a device is? Dr Tan motivate the students to come up and take the research in the field of reliability of electronic devices.

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