Amity Business School organises Marketing and Retail Summit

Amity Business School (ABS) organized a day long “ Marketing and Retail Summit” at Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida to apprise the budding managers with the latest industry trends and to provide them an apt platform to get their concerns and queries addressed by the doyens of the industry.

The Summit was held in two sessions which saw intensive interaction between industry captains and budding managers covering various topics ranging from “Qualities expected in a leader”, “The Great Importance of strategies in Professional and Personal Life”, “Enjoying success in life”, Dividing time in Troubleshooting, Problem Solving and Respective Constructive Forward Marching”, “Using failure as a tool for success”, “Persuasion: A sure Tool for Success”, “The importance of the knowledge of Cross Cultural Nuances”, “The role of communication in leadership” and others.

Sharing his views during one of the sessions, Mr. Hans Raj Chugh- Chartered Accountant, ASHM and Associates apprised the students with the changing scenario in the Services Sector and where it will head in the future. He stressed that in Services sector the quality of services delivered is very important and equally important is the additional value provided along with the services. Sharing important tips for scaling the corporate ladder, Mr. Chugh advised students to never compromise on their ethics and values, which will help them to build long lasting relationships with the clients. “Success comes with the optimum utilization of mind and body”, remarked Mr. Chugh.

Mr. Diyankar Goel-Assistant General Manager, Birla Cellulose briefed the students with the pre-requisites that industry looks for in budding managers including the kind and scale of company from where do internship, positive attitude, ability of take risks and new initiatives and flexibility to take up any new assignment which may be full of challenges

During his interaction with the students, Mr. Avinash- Sr. Learning Specialist, HCL tried to dispel the myths associated with the “Sales” function and asserted that, as generally considered, Sales is not a general knowledge and it’s a specific knowledge and almost 80-90% of the students who aspire for Marketing jobs in their lives , end up doing sales job. Sharing seven mantras of success with the students, he called upon them to be “Pro-active, Begin with an end in mind, Put first things first, Think win-win, Listen to subordinates so that they listen to you, Seek alternatives and Synergize the efforts of the team members”.

Ms. Rasika Mathur-Director, Corporate Communications, Snap motivated the students to be opn to various opportunities that they come across in their lives and advised them to be sure about the values they stand for. She asserted that confidence with positive attitude in life will herald success in the personal and professional lives of the students.

Other prolific industry guests which interacted with the students during the day long Summit included Mr. Iqbal- Territory Sales Manager- Moserbaer India Ltd., Mr. Rakesh Misri- Business Head, Jovees Herbal Care India Ltd., Mr. Rakesh Kapoor- Sr. Branch Manager, PNB, Ms. Puja Malhotra-Sr. Operations Officer, Future Capital Holding Ltd. and others.

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