Amity Business School organises 8th Global Leadership Summit

Amity Business School (ABS) organized a day long “8th Global Leadership Summit” at Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida to apprise the budding managers with the latest industry trends and to provide them an apt platform to get their concerns and queries addressed by the doyens of the industry.

The Summit was comprised of two sessions which saw an intensive interaction between industry Leaders and budding managers covering various topics ranging from “Qualities expected in a leader”, “The Vision is the art of seeing the invisible”, “The role of soft skils in Leadership”, “Leadership is a way to differentiate”, “Using failure as a tool for success”, “Persuasion: A sure Tool for Success”, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of Wisdom” and others.

Sharing his views with the students Mr. Kartik Kaushik- Head (Modern Retail), Dabur India Limited said that Retailing is the most fundamental business in India. Moreover everyone starts his day with retail only. Sharing his fifteen years of experience in his industry he said “a good Leader is the one who keeps himself informed with the knowledge of current issues in the market and work according to current market traits too”. He also raised the issue of FDI among students and said “FDI is good for an entrepreneur as he gets an access to global market”.

Ms. Deep K Raliya, Section Head- Training, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. briefed about the quality of a good Leader to students. She talked about the key role of “Persuasion: A sure tool for success” in professional and personal life. Persuasion means “Convincing someone about an idea at the right time” said Ms. Raliya. Style of convincing may vary from person to person but main objective should be to deliver the thoughts with enthusiasm and confidence” she added. She advised students to build negotiation skils to assure best quality and quantity in life. As per her training module in the field of training Management professionals she said every professional should consider WIIFM (What’s in it for me) as a major part in any project. she wanted the students to understand that apart from achieving professional goals by handling and completing a project along with team members, one should think of all opportunities which can be taken out to grow professionally as an individual. “No one has a patent right on any ability, any ability can be developed by anyone” remarked Ms. Raliya.

Other prolific industry guests which interacted with the students during the day long Summit included Rishi Kumar- Dy. General Manager, HCL Technologies, Mr. Satpal Singh- Jt. Commissioner Income tax, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Mr. Ashish Kaul- Sr. Analyst, Accenture, Mr. Syed Raza- Assistant Manager, Panasonic, Mr. Arhant Jain- President(Finance), Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. and others.

The objective of this “Global Leadership Summit” was to let Management students understand that the word Leadership implies ‘lead the way and it says I am responsible’. Whenever the word Leader or Leadership comes in our mind, an extra effort is required to understand its importance and worth. There is a saying that Authority comes along with Responsibility, the authorized person is also responsible for the pros and cons of any activity or work done. A leader is the one who grows but also gives ample opportunities to his subordinates to grow too. Therefore, Amity wishes all its students to aspire to be the best Leaders in near future in their respective fields.

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