Amity Research Centers Case Studies included in International Books on Management

Three Case Studies of Amity Research Centers included in International books on management.

A Case Study: WALMART''''S EXPANSION IN AFRICA: A NEW EXPLORATION STRATEGY authored by Prof.S. Bhaskaran, included in a forthcoming book: International Management, 8th Edition authored by Helen Deresky and published by Pearson Education.

A Case Study: Corporate Environmental Responsibility: Microsoft’s Partnership Programs authored by Ms. Sushree Das included in the book -Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalisation: Concepts and Cases authored by Hilt, Ireland, Hoskisson, Volberda, Morgan & Reinmoeller .The authors are internationally known management gurus

A Case Study: Kindle vs. Nook: The Battle Begins authored by Ms. Sushuma and Ms.Parvatham Naganathan, included in the book Entertainment Law edited by Dennis Greene and published by University Readers.

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