Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management organizes Guest Lecture on ‘Operator’s Dielemma and Strategies for Navigating through Turbulent Winds of Change Blowing in The Telecom World’

Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management organized a guest lecture for MBA – Telecom Management and M.Tech ( TSE + OEOC ) students by Mr. Sanjay SIngh, Vice President and General Manager, Dialogic.

Mr. Singh, a Gold Medalist and M.Tech. from IIT-Roorkee , has 25+ years of rich experience in Technology , Engineering , Product Management and Business Development in Telecom and Systems domain.

Prior to joining Dialogic he has been CTO in One97- a VAS Company where he focused on M&A, Technology and New Business, MD at Dilithium Networks – a US based Multimedia Infrastructure Company where he was responsible for Business Development, Engineering and Operations and COO at Bay-packets Technologies, managing their India Operations.

Mr. Singh started his lecture with The Basic Global Trends in Telecom world where key revenue streams are Voice Messaging and Data Access. Mature Markets are Data Centric while Developing Markets are still voice centric , significance Capex is needed to support Data Tsunami and today OTT Services are significantly threatening revenues, he opined. While in India we are reaching close to 80% penetration , average Data consumption and smart phone penetration is still very low and Spectrum constrained to only 5 MHz per operator to support Data Services.

He demonstrated how mobile connection growth increased from 1000 million to almost 7000 million and mobile penetration rose from 20% to almost 90 % from 2008 to 2012. Smartphone subscribers in 2014 are forecst to exceed 3.2 Billion globally.

Mr. Singh then moved on to explain how 2008 was the inflection point when the App. Stores were launched. How before App Store , Voice , Network and Operator was the king, services were limited and innovations were on a smaller scale. After the launch of AppStore - Device Ecosystems, Data Services and Huge Innovations presided. The industry saw a huge change in Telecom Power Structure and Operators were threatened.

In the Q&A round a good number of questions poured in from students and the lecture had to be wrapped up due to paucity of time with a promise from Mr. Singh to re-visit for another interactive session with the students.

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