Amity University hosts “12th ASFAA (Asiana Sport for All) Congress” the first ever of its kind in India

The All India Association Of Sports For All [(AISFAA) in association with The Association for International Sport for all ( TAFISA) and Asiana Sport for All ( ASFAA) started “12th ASFAA Congress” at Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Sector-125, Noida.

First ever of its kind organized in India, the Congress is being attended by over 86 delegates from 30 countries including 7 delegates from Pakistan. The theme for the 12th ASFAA Congress is “Sports For All : Health, Education And Culture In Contemporary world” which aims to encourage Indians to actively participate in Sports activities, thereby creating a better quality of life and well being.

Giving the inaugural address, Dr. Anita Ghosh- President, All India Association of Sport for All (AI-ASFA) welcomed the distinguished delegates and presented a brief report about the 12th ASFAA Congress highlighting the first time participation of numerous countries including Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Oman and Korea. She expressed her hope that Congress would be able to bring out the significance of traditional sports in modern era.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group expressed that all modern sports are evolved from traditional sports such as cricket being evolved from “Gulli Danda”. “All traditional sports teach the great principles of leadership and management and they should also be incorporated in major National and International Sporting events”, opined Dr. Chauhan. He called upon the delegates of the Congress to bring sustainable result out of the Congress proceedings, which eventually could be implemented in member countries.

While sharing his views during the occasion, Mr. Chang Ju Ho, Founder Member & Advisor, ASFAA, said, ‘’ ASFAA is proud to host the Congress in the beautiful country of India which is steeped in heritage and traditions. We are confident that this congress will establish new benchmarks for global brotherhood and humanity.” He remarked that the Congress would probably motivate more people in India and member nations to take up sports related activities, thereby shaping a good model of Sports globally.

Dr. C P Thakur- Member, Parliament shared his concern over the dearth of Sports promotion in India and called upon the people of India take up any kind of Sports activity in order to nurture sound mental and physical well beings.

During the occasion, the eminent guests released a book “Scientific basis of Sports Science” written by Dr. A K Uppal- Sr. Director, Amity School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences.

While sharing his views, Mr. Tayyab Gilani- one of the Pakistani Delegate who is a Wrestler and a Kabaddi player opined that sports bring people and hearts together therefore, India and Pakistan should develop Sports to bring both the countries closer. Talking about the scenario of sports in Pakistan, Mr. Gilani stressed that rural areas of Pakistan have more potential and talent as compared to urban areas which although, have numerous sports promoting facilities such as gyms, tracks but the people lack the basic strength to pursue sports. He called upon the Government of India and Pakistan to pay more attention towards Sports in general and traditional sports specifically so that could also survive along with modern sports such as Cricket. He also requested the Governments of both the countries to relax the visa norms and formalities for official players at Wagah and Attari Border to facilitate friendly relationships between both the countries. He invited Indian players to visit Pakistan which is no different from their country and is something like visiting their own Indian neighborhood.

Other distinguished guests present during the inauguration were Dato Sarjit Singh Sekhon – Vice President, ASFAA, Malaysia, Prof. Kang Tu Li- President, TAFISA, Mr. Sudhir K Sharma-IRS, Organizing Secretary, XII ASFAA Congress and Maj Gen K J Singh- Group Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities.

The inauguration was followed by technical sessions on “Fitness and Wellness- Concept and Management”, “Athletic Identity Difference in winners of Asia Volley Ball Competition 2011”, “Masculinity in the Ground: an Observational study of the School”, “Voilence and Unethical Aspect of the Sports”, “Physical Education and Sport for Children and young people in India”, “Emotional Intelligence as Predictor of Teachers’ effectiveness”, “Exercise for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion” and others by speakers across the world.

The sessions were followed by various Sports events including “ Ball Badminton”, “Martial Arts Display by South Korea and India” , “ Wheel Pushing by underprivileged children”, “Rope Skipping”, “Traditional Wrestling by Kazakistan’ and others wherein the athletes from various member countries displayed their skils and agility.

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