Orientation Programme - Amity Chennai Campus

Day 1 “Haven with Parents and Students” performed by Sasthri. Prof. Manikandan

Dr.Vengadamani, the Dean introduced the students to Amity Universe and wished them to become a successful Shining Stars in Amity Universe.

Dr. E. Ilamathian, Director introduced the Faculty and Staff members to the students and delivered the orientation address, while addressing the fresh batch of students during orientation, He conveyed the blessings of our respected Founder President Sir, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, and also shared the vision of Founder President sir of Nation Building through Philanthropy, Quality Education and Research.

He also insisted that students of Amity need to follow the principles of A, D and C which means Attitude, Discipline and Culture which will give a cent percent attributes for success. The numerical value of the Alphabets in these attributes will give exactly 100. Assuming A value1, B Value 2, C Value 3, ……. Z value 26. Besides, he quoted “opportunity will come to an individual with the grace of God and if you miss the chance, it will not knock the door once again.”

Prof. Kavitha Menon and Prof. Srikant Kapoor presented the anti ragging measures and insisted that the students need to follow the rules and regulations of Amity.

Registration of Students was co-ordinated in the after noon by Prof. Kavitha Menon, Prof. Srikant Kapoor , Dr. Sundari, Prof. Vinod , Prof. Balasubramanian , Prof. Ori, Prof. Vidya, Er. Karthikeyan Pandian, Ms. Surekha and Ms. Divya

Psychometric Profiling Test was administered for all the students.

Day 2 Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, DG ABS and Mentor AGBS conducted the session on Psychometric profile analysis. Dr. Sanjay Srivastava explained the meaning and significance of psychometric profiling. He narrated the concepts of perceptions with various attributes like, Emotion, Communication, Intention and Assumption besides narrating the characteristics of extroverts, introverts, Sensible, intuitive, and judgmental personalities of an individual through his inspiring presentation with case study.

Day 3
Prof. Bala Subramanian, Faculty cum Placement coordinator narrated the activities of the Placement Cell and presented the tips for successful placements followed by Talent Hunt organized by Prof. Vinoth Kumar, Faculty and coordinator for Sanghathan.

In the afternoon session, Prof. Srikant Kapoor presented the information on SAP- London through PPT.

The Dean and Director held the counseling session for the interested students over aspiring for SAP-London.

The Industrial Guest form Apollo Hospitals- Dr. K. Prabhakar, a senior Vice President, learning and Development and Cognizant Technology Solutions Mr. Rajesh Subramanian, DirectorHR shared the information on expectation of employers from the MBA Graduates for aspiring for prospective career in industries.

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