Amity International School, Saket hosted Inter Amity Heritage Quiz ‘2007

Amity International School, Saket proudly hosted Inter Amity Heritage Quiz ‘2007 which was a testimony to the fact that despite western influences, Indians have managed to retain their indianess within themselves. It is the firm belief that our rich cultural past is the bedrock which provides a strong edifice for modern society. Amity Heritage quiz was held to resuscitate and reinforce our identities. The programme commenced with a written preliminary round and the chosen teams were asked to join in the draw of lots to determine their seating positions.

The Inter Amity Heritage Quiz ‘2007 based on Indian Heritage comprised of three categories in which junior wing was categorized from classes IV-VI, middle wing from classes VII-IX and senior wing from classes X-XI in which all the branches of Amity Schools (Saket, Noida, Gurgaon, Pushp Vihar) participated.

Mrs. Chitralekha Gurumurthy, Director (Academics) C.B.S.E, Chief Guest of the occasion addressed the gathering by saying how “out of the past, is built the future”. Lauding the efforts of Amity Schools, she stated, “True to its philosophy Amity is nurturing the talents of the young scientific minds by providing them a platform to showcase their amazing, innovative and ingenious skills. Amity, adopting a holistic approach towards education, is putting a colossal effort in preparing a youth well equipped to lead the country in the fast paced and competitive environment. The quality endeavor of the teachers and students clearly reflected in the marvelous creativity of students in the quiz. It is clearly evident from this quiz the kind of brilliant and quality students Amity Schools are churning out. The extensive canvass of the quiz included almost all the contemporary issues which, no doubt, are exemplary.”

Mrs. Bharati Sharma, Principal, Amity International School, Saket mentioned that the quiz is not only a competition but also a learning experience. Emphasizing the importance of such quizzes she stated that such events provide the students with an opportunity to a give a vent to their creativity, to showcase their innate talent and potential. When their efforts are acknowledged their morale is, needless to say, boosted. With such boosted morale they are filled with zeal to accomplish something very substantial. She further remarked that, “At Amity we nurture each and every aspect of a student’s personality. These kinds of Quizzes are necessary to keep the young minds ignited for a significant future contribution to the country”.

The quiz conducted was held in a spirit of true sportsmanship and each team performed to the best of their ability. The winners of the junior wing category were Amity International School, Pushp Vihar whereas in the middle wing category was Amity International School, Saket and in senior wing Amity International School, Saket were declared winners. The Rolling trophy was won by Amity International School, Noida.

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