Seminar- Fostering Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice 2012

1.        A one day seminar on ‘Fostering Entrepreneurship - Theory & Practice’ was conducted by ABS on 07 Sept 12 for Research Scholars, Students from all disciplines, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders, Businessmen and Academicians.  

2.      The programme was conducted in an interactive mode by Prof V P Sahi, Director ABS & Dy DG Academics, assisted by Prof. Manoj Joshi, Prof of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

3.      The major aspects covered during the seminar were -         

(a)        Understanding risks and opportunities          

(b)        Appreciating the entrepreneurship ecosystem         

 (c)        Identity growth strategies for scalable enterprises         

(d)        Presenting the best practices for fostering entrepreneurship         

(e)        Create a need for developing & sensitizing entrepreneurs          

(f)        Identity critical areas for successful mentoring and creation of entrepreneurship


4.      The Seminar was conducted in three sessions -  

(a)      Session 1 -  Mr. Sohail Kazmi, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Friends of Ambition Advisory, Pvt. Ltd.& specialist in Startups, Mr. Sachin Sahni, Founder, Healthzone & leading first generation entrepreneur in Health Services, Mr. Vinamra Agarwal, CEO Technical Associate & expert in Creating and Managing Enterprise, Prof Ashok Kumar, Ph.D, Prof & Head OB, ABS & specialist in OB and Organizational Structure  spoke on ‘Creating & Managing New Venture’  

(b)        Session 2 - Dr. Mr. Nipun Jain, Jt. GM, Zonal Head, ICICI Bank, Mr. Rupendra K Porwal, Founder Managing Partner, Ralimark Legal Advocates & Specialist in Legal and PR, Prof Anil K Sharma, Prof & Head Strategy, ABS spoke on ‘Raising Capital, Legal & Financial Issues’  

(c)      Session 3 - Er. V K Chopra, Founder Director, APV India Pvt Ltd., Ex-IIT Kanpur & Technical Specialist in Internationalization, Dr. Vinay Sharma, Asst Prof & Head Marketing, Department of IME, IIT Roorkee & Specialist in Marketing, Prof R P Gupta, Prof & Head Marketing, ABS spoke on ‘Branding, Marketing & Internationalization’

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