24x7 Business Turks

1.     Preliminaries                        
(a)         Business Turks event was initiated on 7th May 2012, when faculty was divided         into 8 Teams. Each Team was allotted a company/vertical, to be studied by the faculty         team with the intention of creating a database for each company.  

        (b)        All eight Faculty Teams visited the works/offices of the companies allotted to them         (utilizing the summer holidays) and  prepared their Business Plans (to act as future         database) based on the information obtained from the companies/verticals, before opening         up of the college for students.  

        (c)       The students of entire MBA-Semester-III were divided into eight groups (20-21         students in each) and allotted to faculty teams headed by a Faculty Team Leader. These         student teams also interacted with the companies and prepared their own Business Plans.         Faculty provided conceptual guidance to students teams under them (but did not spoon         feed them), culling out information from their own databases created earlier.  

2.        The Operational Details   

        (a)         Period of the event: 23rd August 2012 to 30th August 2012.  

        (b)        Conduct.             

                   (i)      The scenarios/problems with designated time, prepared by area heads,                   were handed    over by the area heads to the control room by 5 p.m.             

                  (ii)      The control room gave the problems to groups at the designated time on the                   common ID’s of the Teams.  

                   (iii)      The  student groups worked on the problems overnight and made                          presentations next day morning in room no. 202  (23.8.2012 to 27.8.2012) in the                      presence of the jury consisting   of all the Area Heads.             

                  (iv)      Area Heads gave their inputs for improving the weak areas in the Business                   Plan presentations.        

          (c)       Control Room  

                (i)      Location: At residence of the senior of the two faculty staff during night and                 during .  daytime in Room No-TR-104(9 a.m. to 5 pomp).  

                (ii)      Staffing of Control Room: The control room was manned by two faculty                 every day by rotation.  

3.        Preliminary Round. The Preliminary round was held on 28 and 29 Aug 12. The Teams made presentations in the auditorium to make them comfortable with making presentations from the podium. 11 teams were short listed after this round  

4.       Final Round. The final round was held on 30 Aug 12. Final Presentations were made by the 11 short listed Teams. External Guests were invited from each of the industry verticals for judging the  presentations. They also provided inputs on the quality of Business Plans in respect of their own industry vertical. At the conclusion of the final round, winners, runners up and second runners up declared. This was followed by the awards presentation ceremony.

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