School Children need to be taught proper way of washing hands to prevent Hepatitis, avers Specialists during “15th Hepatitis Day” at ILBS

To create awareness amongst  general public, especially school children and high-risk groups regarding proper hygiene, safe water supply, safe sexual practices, safe screened blood transfusions and vaccination Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences (ILBS) celebrated its 15th Hepatitis Day in association with Amity at the ILBS, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.


To drive home the core message about viral hepatitis, various innovative programs were organized at ILBS, ranging from poster competitions to family counseling sessions, slogan writing competition and fancy dress competition etc. More than forty Delhi schools participated in these events. 114 entries of students were from eight Amity International schools for the participation in different competitions. A liver screening camp was also organized to detect hepatitis for walk in patients including 1st degree of vaccination and free health check up.


This year’s theme was “VIRAL HEPATITIS, TOGETHER WE CAN FIGHT TO WIN”. The theme assumes significance in view of the fact that viral hepatitis, an infection of the liver, is a global health problem affecting all age groups and people from all walks of life. In most of the cases, the disease is self-limiting but occasionally, it can lead to serious complications. This year the emphasis was on prevention. General sanitary measures like safe drinking water, avoidance of use of common razors/toothbrushes with patients of liver disease, use of sterile needles and syringes, practicing safe sex can prevent the transmission of hepatitis viruses.


Welcoming the august gathering Dr S K Sarin, Director ILBS said that “India is fast becoming a very ‘Rights Oriented Society’. However before rights, knowledge and awareness comes, therefore don’t outsource your health, take control of your health and have safe and hygienic water and food”. He also suggested to take simple steps on the part of individuals as well as governments to make a “hepatitis free India”. Dr. Sarin also suggested students to learn the proper way of washing hands to prevent catching like deadly virus Hepatitis. 


Dr. Kiran Walia, Minister of Education, Social Welfare and Child Development, Delhi said that there is need to develop the immunity level by inculcating the habit of eating healthy food on time. Prevention is better than cure remarked Dr. Walia. Unhygienic ways actually lead to life threatening disease which everyone should avoid. Consumption of alcohol and smoking also affects Liver. She also announced that as per NCERT guidelines, one kit of few important instructions related to hygiene and traffic rules etc. will be introduced very soon in schools for students.


Dr. Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Founder President, Amity chairing the panel discussion on the menace of Hepatitis and said Hepatitis is a biggest concern in both developed and developing countries, wherein the data says that there are more number of people who are affected from Hepatitis than HIV. Such awareness camps educate students and eventually help them in being responsible citizen.


Dr. A K Walia, Health Minister, Delhi shared his views and suggested to take precautions while blood transfusion to avoid many such diseases.


Eminent media personalities and top brass from civic agencies participated in a panel discussion on the menace of hepatitis. Nurses from various hospitals and nursing colleges participated in quiz competition on Hepatitis. Noted poet Shri Surender Sharma regaled the audiences with his humorous compositions. Ms. Amanpreet Wahi, Model appreciated the good work done by students byy way of posters made on prevention of Hepatitis and gave awards to over 50 students. She also lauded the fancy dress show put up by several schools of Delhi/NCR showcasing the prevention and preparedness of the dresses.

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