Forest Officer’s Training – “Gender & Development”

The training of Forest Officers of UPPFMPAP on ‘Gender & Development” Batch – IV was conducted from 03 to 05 Dec 12 under the overall coordination and guidance of Mr. Naresh Chandra, Dy DG and Dir. Projects. A total of 20 Forest Officers participated in the three day workshop.


Facilitators. The following conducted the events as facilitators –


(a)        Dr. Manu Agarwal, Dir AIBAS

            (b)        Dr. Kum Kum Tripathi

            (c)        Dr. Rakesh Chandra

            (d)       Mr. T P Dubey, IFS


Events. The sessions were conducted from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM broadly as under –


            (a)        Day 1  -           Gender Awareness and Patriarchy – Module I, II, III

            (b)        Day 2  -           Historical Review and Women’s Empowerment - Module IV, V,


            (c)        Day 3  -           Mainstreaming Gender in Projects - Module VIII, IX, X, XI

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