Guest Lecture on “Lesson Plans”

A Lecture on Lesson Plans for gifted and slow learners was delivered by Professor Amita Bajpai, Department of Education, University of Lucknow.


She made the students aware of the management of teaching which included the Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling of effective teaching. Professor Bajpai helped students in understanding the characteristics of gifted and slow learners, the effective classroom practices for gifted children and the teacher’s role in providing independent learning to the gifted children. She added by giving excellent examples from the real world. She also focused on the pivotal points of structuring challenging tasks, along with do’s and don’ts that a teacher must follow to guide the gifted children. Various differentiated instructions by task and by homework were informed by the Professor.


She recommended some classroom activities that help to make a concrete concept of understanding. She brilliantly explained the slow speed and single direction instruction of the slow learner with interesting examples. Lesson Plans, both for gifted and slow learners, were beautifully expressed by Professor Amita Bajpai. It was a very informative and useful lecture for the students of Amity Institute of Education.

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