British film-maker conducts workshop for ASCO students

Ms Rosie Much, a well-known British film-maker, started her three-phase workshop on film making at the Amity School of Communication, Rajasthan on April 3.

Phase I of the workshop comprised two  sessions. In the first session, Ms Much explained the importance of basic concepts in film-making. These included deciding intention, target audience, generation of ideas, research and backgrounding. She also provided insights into the subjects of script writing, character formation and film etiquette.

The second session was the interactive session. In this session, Ms Much clarified doubts of students on the complex subject of film-making. The students were then divided into teams of three, and each team was asked to come up with an idea that could be converted into a three-minute film.

The exercise enthused the students greatly, who spent considerable time deciding and then discussing the idea with Ms Much. In all, 14 ideas were approved by Ms Much.

 The students will now build a script around the approved ideas, and these would be submitted to Ms Much for critique by April 6. Once the scripts are approved, the students will get down to the business of shooting the film.

 The students are required to submit the film for review and critique by April 16.

 On April 19, Ms Much will return to ASCO to conduct the last and final phase of the workshop. She will screen the films for all students to see, and critique them. The best three films will be awarded a Certificate of Merit.

 Ms Much during her four-decade long career has produced TV commercials and films in Britain, America, Australia and South Africa.

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