A delegation from the Cambridge Graduate University (CGU), USA visits Amity University

A delegation from the Cambridge Graduate University(CGU), USA comprising of Dr. Tim Howard-President, CGU; Dr. Tim Lynch, CGU Professor; Dr. Karen Maze- CGU Provost; Dr. Dale Weeks, CGU Professor and Prof. Bill Carter, CGU President and Provost visited Amity University, Noida and interacted with the management students.


The eminent professors from CGU, USA affirmed the numerous strategic competencies that India possesses in the global scenario and enumerated several dynamics which empowers India to lead 21st century vis a vis its close competitor, China. They also outlined the areas where India especially the youth needs to work including fostering respect for women, poverty alleviation, inclusive growth and sustainable development.


Dr. Sanjay Srivastava- Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Amity University Uttar Pradesh welcomed the delegation and stressed on the importance of continuous knowledge sharing and knowledge generation in order to remain globally competent.


Dr. Karen Maze- CGU Provost shared her views on how US sees India and its strategic positioning in the global community. She remarked that US is committed to sustainable development of India and reaffirmed that Obama Government has identified the US relationship with India as one of the defining relationships of the 21st century with the pertinent US policy statement of “pivoting towards Asia”. While talking about the growing assertiveness of China and the effect it might have on India, Dr. Maze stressed that India models the success and importance of stable democratic process, which makes India far more poised to create significant difference to the world economy despite of the rapid growth achieved by China. China suffers from some major setbacks including Aging Society, “Draconian measures and ideologies” imposed by the Chinese Government and youth trying to raise voices against the same. A society that does not permit freedom, human rights and integrity cannot sustain for long. No amount of GDP and flexing of muscles can help. Dwelling on the US support to India in dealing with its hostile neighboring countries, Dr. Maze highlighted that US has been allowing trade surplus to India, which is unique in US’s trade policy. She shared that US is raising India as a model for unstable neighbors. The US Agency- USAID has been funding India and US also supported India for a permanent seat in UN Security Council.


Dr. Tim Howard-President, CGU, while addressing the gathering, remarked that India has strong traditions and very young demographics, which are needed to lead 21st century. Advocating “Gandhian way of life”, he implored that India should aim for sustainable growth by using the resources in sustainable manner. Suggesting measures to alleviate poverty in India, Dr. Howard averred that women should be given more respect, resources and power in, who in turn, will invest the same in educating their children, running the household judiciously and taking care of everyone around. He stressed that giving more powers to women would make men and their families more powerful. Terming India as “Bengal Tiger” with great powers waiting to be unleashed, Dr. Howard applauded the convergence of economic growth, demographic dividend, human capital, poverty alleviation and Sustainable Development in India. He called upon the young budding managers to become transformational leaders and “become the change they want to see in the world”


While sharing his views on “India at the crossroad- Global outreach and sustainable development”, Prof. Bill Carter, CGU President and Provost stated that Sustainable Development does not harm any component of the environment and is inclusive of women, indigenous people and other marginalized groups, which are given an opportunity to participate in the decision. India is at the crossroads of Sustainable Development mode which will guide it to its vision. He applauded India for its continuous efforts to reduce poverty, population control while maintaining sound environment focus to reduce planetary degradation. She remarked that China is not the de facto choice as a model of Sustainable Development because it has been unique -politically, economically and socially for a decade.


The session was very engrossing and interactive and the inquisitive students from the management schools of Amity raised a volley of questions to the Professors, who were very impressed with the competitiveness and confidence of Amity students.

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