Amity Institute of Education organizes panel discussion on “Adolescents – The Agents of Social Change"

Adolescence is an important phase of human life which deals with the transition from childhood to adulthood and witnesses most of the physical and psychological changes. To deliberate on the issue of Adolescents, Amity Institute of Education organized a one day presentation cum discussion on “Adolescents – The Agents of Social Change”. Students from five Schools including Presidium School – Gurgaon, Pathways School – Noida, Sardar Patel School – New Delhi, Amity International School – Noida and Amity International School – Mayur Vihar participated.


The program was inaugurated by Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Acting Vice Chancellor- Amity University; Prof. Ranjana Bhatia, Mentor – Amity Institute of Education; Prof. Kalpana Sharma, Director – Amity School of Physical Education & Sports Science and Dr. Alka Mudgal, Head – Amity Institute of Education.


Expressing her delight on organizing a lively discussion on the crucial topic of adolescence, Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Acting Vice Chancellor- Amity University said that as mother she is always thinking as to how much freedom she should give to her daughter as per the family norms. As Head of the University, she sees young students freshly passed out from schools entering University with full of excitement, energy who want to do differently. Dr. Shukla said that adolescents feels that they have a right to do all the things which might not be correct under normal norms. Sometimes, issues which they brought up may have impact for some kind of social change but it should not go hay wire against the public interest or society at large. Youth must learn from others’ experiences since any adverse act has far reaching repercussions


Prof. Kalpana Sharma, Director – Amity School of Physical Education & Sports Science said that in sports we always learnt about surplus energy. Adolescents are in an age bubbling with energy, one can either waste or gain from excess energy. If an adolescent can channelize his energy in play way method then it can lead to his holistic development. Prof. Sharma said that if one can forget “I” and imbibe “We” then this team effort can make lots of social change.


Prof. Ranjana Bhatia, Mentor – Amity Institute of Education said that India is the only country where over 27% population is youth and adolescent. It is such a huge power which has to be properly channelized.


The inauguration was followed by presentations by the participating students.


Pratitha and Shivali from Presidium School Gurgaon opined that if adolescents are exposed to healthy environment along with great values of humanity, non-violence then they will definitely contribute constructively to the development of society and nation.


Participants Saharsh and Iksha from Pathways Schools, Noida expressed that adolescents are exposed to so much of information through various mediums that it is very difficult for them to detect and absorb relevant information and discard others. They were of the opinion that parents play a vital role in shaping child’s behavior and sometimes media also plays important role like actors & actresses are role models for adolescents and youngsters tend to act and behave like their role models.


Snigdha and Danish from Sardar Patel School said that adolescent view of world is affected by many things. As they are neither child nor adult; they try to evaluate everything as per their own perspective. Quoting the example of youth power, Danish said that during Egyptian revolution of 2011, which has been termed as first internet revolution, protestors who were mostly youngsters, used facebook to register their protest.  

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