Amity University organises Brain Storming Session with Scientists, Experts in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences and Developmental Disabilities

A high level delegation consisting of scientists, experts in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences, developmental disabilities visited Amity University Campus, Sector-125 Noida. A brain storming session was organized during the occasion.  Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President – Amity Group, Dr. J.P. Singh, Chairman – Amity Foundation for Developmental Disabilities, Dr. W. Selwamurthy, President – Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation, Prof. S. Sitaraman, Prof. (Dr.) Abha Singh, Dean Faculty of Arts, Humanities Journalism and Communication & Social Sciences – Amity University were present during the brain storming session.

While addressing the gathering, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President – Amity Group said that it every person lives for himself but people who are working for disables are Godly persons. Dr Chauhan said that he had an ambition to provide proper care to the persons suffering from developmental diseases and that was the reason, Amity had established Amity Foundation for Developmental Diseases.  

Dr. J.P. Singh, Chairman – Amity Foundation for Developmental Disabilities (AFDD) said any severe, chronic mental or physical disability of any individual of 5 years or older comes under developmental disabilities. The vision of AFDD is to improve the quality of lives of the person suffering from developmental disabilities. The mission of AFDD is to collaborate with government and NGOs for best resource mobilization towards initiating services for individuals. It aims to be the centre of excellence.

Dr. Uma Tully, Chief Commissioner – Amar Jyoti Trust said that a it is easier to dream but to realize that dream one becomes restless and have sleep less night. The dream of working for caring of disables had prompted Amity to establish Amity Foundation for Developmental Disabilities.  A giant leap has been taken ad now we can think of establishing University in the field of Rehabilitation Sciences. Dr Tully said that education is a tool of change but it depends on how the educational program is designed which makes desired changes.

One of the delegation member, Dr. KB Kumar said that we have to make clear differentiation between disability and Developmental Disabilities like intellectual disability, autism etc. There is need for proper training and appointment of specialized persons.

Another delegation member Ms. Geet Oberoi was of the opinion that in special education sector, India is growing since last 5 years but is still restricted for Nursery to Class XII children. Sanitization of teachers and peer group is important.  Teacher training program is big lacuna is the progress of special education, opined Ms. Oberoi.

Directors, HoDs, Senior officials of Amity University were present during the brainstorming session.

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