Mechanical and Automation Engineering students of AUR develop Radio Controlled Car

 The Mechanical and Automation Engineering students have developed a radio controlled (RC) car that can take part in racing events organised by IITs and NIITs.

 The car has an IC Engine of 4.6cc, which produces about  2.6 bhp power @28,000RPM. It is an HPI Company (Hot Bodies) engine. The car has two servo motors (D.C. motor); the first servo motor controls the handling or the steering system and second servo motor controls the throttle or the acceleration of the car along with brakes.

The car can achieve upto 60-70 km/hr speed. It can jump up to 7 to 10ft (length) and gain a height of 2ft. It has 4 wheel drives. There are three differential (front, center, rear) Double disc brakes. The car is controlled by  RC remote.

           The car, which has been developed to participate in racing events, was agreat learning experience for the studnets. It gave them an opportunity to learn the assembly of the car.

         The team that was led by Varun Jain (B Tech MAE Sem VI)) included Shreyansh Mani, Sardhara Aakash Harijibhai and Yash Tiwari (B.Tech MAE  Sem VI students) and  Manoj Chaudhary, a BSc IT II Sem student.

You can watch the working of the car here.

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