Amity Ahmedabad Campus Visit To Orphanage

The 5th concluding ceremony of the Graduating batch of Amity Ahmedabad students was held at our campus on 3oth May 3013 5.30 pm onwards. This journey had begun for the students some 2-3 years ago and the students not only attained their degrees but also gained life skills and human values during the course.

The ceremony began with welcoming Mr. U Ramachandran, AVP Amity University. This was followed by Dr.Neeta Sinha addressing the students and giving an overview of the growth and happenings at Amity in the past one year. This was possible due to the blessings and guidance of Hon Founder President Dr. Ashok K Chauhan and President Sir Mr. Atul Chauhan whose vision remains a constant source of inspiration for all of us.

Then Mr. U Ramachandran AVP Amity University then blessed and addressed the students. He acknowledged the former Dean, the Mentors andt he staff members without whose support the accomplishments would not had been conceivable. His words of wisdom and encouragement had the students upbeat and inspired and motivated them.

It was the time to acknowledge the efforts of the students and honour then. The certificates were presented by Shri Ramachandranand Dr. Neeta Sinha. In all 46 students of the MBA batch and 15 students of the BBA batch were awarded with the certificates. Besides the students were jubilant to receive other academic and non-academic merit awards from various subject faculties. The Salvers and Citations and all the merit awards had the students cheering and applauding their batch mates.

The ceremony concluded by reading out the inspiring message from Hon. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor Amity University. No ceremony is complete without the National Anthem which was followed by the photo session and superb dinner.Our alumni shall add shining to the glorious traditions of Amity and keep alive professionalism, compassion and human values

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