Amity Patna Concluding Ceremony-2013

AGBS-Patna convened its third Concluding Ceremony on Wednesday the 29th May’13.

The Concluding Ceremony was presided over by Mr. Sanjiwan Sinha, IAS, Special Secretary, Education Deptt. Govt. of Bihar. The Chief Resident Editor HT Media Mr. K.K. Upadhyay was present as the Chief Guest. Mr. Pappu Srinivas, V.P.& Circle Head, Axis Bank as distinguished guest and Mr. Gaurav Gupta DGM from Head Quarter as guest of honour were amongst the dignitaries who made the entire ambience of the function quite glorious.

Ms.Garima Dube, Head of the Academics was in the role of EMCEE as she enjoy a great expertise and retain this as her USP. A team of ten girl students clad in beautiful and attractive attire, the Indian traditional “Sari” welcomed all the guests by putting “Tilak” and offering “Aarti” before the start of the function. Each passing out students present there to receive provisional degree were welcomed by their juniors by offering “Rose Sticks”.

Dr.C.B.P. Srivsatava, Director, Amity-Patna seemed quite jubilant in highlighting the milestone for the success of Amity, the top class education group of Institutions which has strong presence in all the major countries in the world.

He especially applauded the saga of the great man whose vision dream is picturised in the form of India’s No. 1 Private University –The Amity - and the leading educational Institution all across the world. Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, the Founder President of the group, a great visionary, innovator,and philanthropist, who has redefined the modern system of higher education in India. Amity has all the strong reasons to become the leader as it boast on several national &international accreditation like NAAC, ASIC (UK) etc. It has over 10 million brilliant students, 5000 intellectual capital, more than  250 programes,five Indian Universities with 8 global campuses, 450 patents and research projects. In fact Amity is famous on account of its quality based education and Research projects.Dr. Srivastava said that Amity is all set to open its 6th University in Bihar at Bihta (Patna) for which we have got positive response from the Govt.of Bihar

The credit for creation of AGBS across India and abroad goes to the vibrant leadership, the charismatic young and dynamic leader respected Mr. Atul Chauhan, the honorable president and chancellor, Amity University, Noida. This concept of creating a chain of AGBS across India was nurtured by another dynamic leader Mr. U. Ramachandran,whose sincere efforts has made these Institution as “ Center of Excellence”. His team consisting of Mr. Gaurav, Mr.Vipin, Ms. hweta, Maj. Vinod, Ms. Monika and many more have toiled day in and day out to create a niche for these AGBS campus all across India.

Mr. Pappu Srinivas gave wonderful tips to the students for becoming successful Management professional. He gave an emphasis on designing course curriculum like that of changing Industry need like the one being run by Amity – Patna. He gave stress on inculcating current issues in all the subjects of management curriculum. He advised that there was need to evaluate such practical inputs after every three months as the Industry need changes very fast. He said that the Amitian has already created a niche for themselves in Axis Bank and the type of talents the Axis Bank is finding in them it can be said by all certainty then Amity is superb.

Students were delighted to listen the address of the Chief Guest, Mr. K.K. Upedhay, Chief Editor, HT Media, whose speech was full of inspirational jokes. He encouraged students to join active politics so as to change the deteriorating socio-political scenario of the nation. Mr Sanjiwan Sinha, IAS, Special Secretary, Education Deptt, Govt. of Bihar laid emphasis on becoming a good human being first before coming out as manager. He advised the students to make their own introspection. He said that success lies in competing none else than oneself.He gave the message to all the educational Institutions that the course must be designed in match with the nature of available employment. He very rightly said that neither the student get good Institution nor the employer get good candidate.

Mr.Gaurav Gupta,DGM, Amity-Noida motivated the students to think bigger and to be creative in nature. He make a quick review on the landmark of Amity in India and abroad. He made it clear to the students that they had captured both – the sweet and sour memories during their study in AGBS-Patna. They should retain only the sweet memories to inspire them for achieving success in life.

The academic Co-ordinator Prof. F.I. Farooqui read out the message of the Amity’s Group President Mr. Atul Chauhan which was highly inspirational to the students. At the end Prof. Divya Sahay presented vote of thanks. Dr.C.B.P. Srivastava, Director, expressed his gratitude to all his team members viz.Prof.Siddhartha, Prof. Farooqui, Prof. Garima, Ms. Divya, Ms. Pooja, Mr.Shubhadeep,Mr. Acharya, Rahul, Mr. A.K. Pandey, Niraj, Ms. Susmita, Ms. Devika,Ms.Bandana, Ms. Preeti, Mr. Ajay, Mr. Raju, Mr. Mithilesh, Mr. Tarun for making the program a grand success.

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