Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on MATLAB & SCILAB

The Faculty Development Programmeon MATLAB & SCILAB was organised by Amity School of Applied Sciences, Amity University Gurgaon TheFDP was organized to cover different areas of Mathematics and Statistics usingMATLAB and SCILAB in order to equip the participants with the knowledge tohandle the software for teaching and research. The FDP received an overwhelmingresponse with 55 participants from Amity Business School, Amity Medical School,Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity School of Engineering & Technology,Amity School of Architecture & Planning, Amity School of Communication andAmity School of Applied Sciences.

Date wise brief Report for each ofthe four days of the FDP is given below with conclusion

Day1; Date: 20th May 2013


Time:10- 10:30am

Venue:MDP Room

The Faculty Development Programmeon MATLAB & SCILAB was inaugurated on 20th May 2013. The sessionwas graced by Honourable ViceChancellor, Prof (Dr.) R.C. Sharma; Honourable Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof(Dr.)Padmakali Banerjee; Dean Science & Technology, Prof (Dr.) S K Dubey;Director AMS, MajGen(Dr.) Mahavir Singh; Director, AIB,Prof(Dr.) S M Paul Khurana; Director ASAS, Prof(Dr.) J R Luthra. TheInaugural Session started with Swaraswati Bandana by Dr. Shruti.

In the inaugural speech, Hon ViceChancellor shared with faculty members his vision and encouraged facultymembers to do research and projects.  HonPro Vice Chancellor in her speech appreciated the efforts taken by the facultymembers to conduct the FDP. Madam, shared her vision of taking Amity UniversityGurgaon to a global standards which can be achieved by developing the faculty,developing the students and Quality Research. Prof (Dr.) S K Dubey in hismessage encouraged faculty members to participate and conduct such FDPs whichwould help in enhancing their teaching skills.

Prof (Dr.) Jagidish Rai Luthra,Director Amity School of Applied Sciences, in his Welcome Speech highlightedthe importance and objective of organizing the FDP. He briefed the facultyparticipants about the importance and the wide scope of MATLAB and SCILAB.

The book “Getting Started withMATLAB” by Rudra Pratap was presented to Directors of the participating Schoolsby Dean Science & Technology, Prof.(Dr.) S K Dubey.

Lecture:“Getting Started with MATLAB”

Time:11.30- 12.30pm

Venue:MATLAB Lab, A103

The Inaugural session was followedby lecture on “Getting Started with MATLAB” which was attended by 55participants which includes faculty from ABS, ASET, AIB, ASAP, ASAS, ASCO,Optometry and 2 MSc Applied Mathematics students. Hon Pro Vice Chancellor Prof(Dr.) Padmakali Banerjee presence in the lecture was a source of inspirationfor the organizing team. The resource person Prof. (Dr.) Subhra Das, facultyMathematics Department, Amity University Gurgaon started the discussion with abrief introduction to MATLAB and its wide scope of applications. The lecturecovered the topics like: Variables, Matrices, Arithmetic Operators, variousoperations on Matrices, 2D graph plotting, Curve fitting and Data Analysis.

Day2; Date:  21st May 2013


Lecture:  Elementary operations in MATLAB 

MathematicalOperations: Differentiation, Integration, Graphs (2D & 3D)

Time:10- 01:00pm

Venue:Lecture hall, A111

The second day of the FDP washighly mathematical which is of interest for faculty members form Sciences andEngineering. The resource person Mr. Amit Sharma, faculty of MathematicsDepartment, Amity University Gurgaon explained effectively how to solveequations and find the values of a polynomial using the in-built commands onMUpad, a tool of MATLAB. He also discussed in details the commands andprocedure of solving linear differential equation, integration anddifferentiation. 2D and 3D graphics with animation was also taught in thissession which is of high interest for all the participants.


Lecture:  Overview of SCILAB (A free software toMATLAB)

Time:01.30- 03.30pm

Venue:MATLAB lab, A103

The afternoon session was introductionto SCILAB and the resource person was Dr. Shiv Sharma, faculty Mechanical Engg.Department, Amity University Gurgaon. Dr. Sharma introduced the participants tothe new software and explained in details its potential to do scientificcalculations, data analysis and various tools available in the software forresearch. In his lecture, Dr. Sharma taught how to solve linear equation, Matrixoperations, eigen values & eigen vectors, data analysis using SCILAB. Theimportance of this session is to encourage the faculty members to use thesoftware which is free for scientific computing whenever MATLAB is not available.

Day3; Date:  22nd May 2013

Lecture:  Programming Using MATLAB 

                Data AnalysisUsing Statistical Functions


Time:10- 01:30pm

Venue:Lecture hall, A111

On 22nd May 2013, therewas only one session in the morning. The session started with a brief Introductionto Programming Using MATLAB by Prof (Dr.) Subhra Das in which the participantswere taught how to write programs in M files, save and run the program.Algorithm for finding the sum of n natural numbers was explained and a MATLABprogram was written and compiled. 

This was followed by a lecture byProf (Dr.) Sungeeta Singh, HoD Mathematics Department, Amity University Gurgaonon “Data Analysis Using Statistical Functions”. The topic is of high interestnot only for faculty members’ form various disciplines but also for faculty& staffs from CRC who handle large data, also attended this session. Dr.Singh explained the concept of Central Tendency, Standard Deviation, Variance,Hypothesis Testing in her lecture.

On special request from Prof (Dr.)J R Luthra, Dr. Nisha Arora, Assistant Professor (Operations), Amity BusinessSchool, Amity University Gurgaon, delivered a very informative lecture on “Hypothesistesting” and explained all the relevant terminology associated with it. Dr.Nisha also explained the procedure for hypothesis testing with the help of an exampleand explained the criteria for selecting the Test (student t test, normal testor Chi square test) which will fit for the problem. The lecture was highlyappreciated by all the faculty participants and thereby created interest inlearning more in details.

On request from the participants,the FDP was extended by a day to have the practical session so as to learn touse MATLAB to solve statistical problems.

Day4; Date:  23rd May 2013

Lecture:  Data Analysis UsingStatistical Functions (continued)

Time:10- 01:30pm

Venue:Lecture hall, A111

The last and final day of the FDPwas Data Analysis using MATLAB and the resource person was Prof (Dr) SungeetaSingh, HoD Mathematics Department, Amity University Gurgaon. Dr. Singhexplained how to use the in-built functions to find the central tendency,standard deviation and conduct hypothesis testing using MATLAB.

The session was concluded by Prof (Dr.) Jagdish Rai Luthra and as a follow up action of the FDP suggested to forma AmityScientific Computing Club (ASCC)  headed by Dr. Sungeeta Singh to help facultymembers with their queries in research.


Feedback& Suggestions

Feedback and Suggestions were takenfrom faculty participants on each day which are as follows:

·        Good opportunity tolearn and use the powerful software for scientific computing

        ·        Good and wonderful presentationsfor making the subject easy and understandable. As a learner, gained a lot fromthis FDP for future exploration

·        Training session was excellentand would help in research work

·        Faculty suggested making a followup plan to help faculty members in solving their problems

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