Community Services

Rural community service


Brief- The students of Amity School of Languages joined hands with “Ladies Inner Wheel Club”, a Lucknow based NGO, in organizing Mother and Child Health Campaign for free medical consultation and medicine distribution in the adjoining villages of Laulai and Sikanderpur. (3 Kms from AMITY.)


Venue- Gram Sabha Samudayik Kendra, Laulai.


Date/Day- 6th August, 2013, Tuesday Timings: 11AM-02PM




Prof.(Dr.) Kum Kum Ray, Director ASL, took the initiative to organize a community service for the students awareness at the grass root realities of rural India. She tried to ensure that the students of ASL from well to do families get better understanding of life by their interaction with them.

The event kicked off on 6th August.13 with the address by Director, ASL at the foir,AB-II after which 89 students of ASL took out a possession from AB-II to AB-6 headed by the Director. On the way to AB-6, the students carried the Banner of the event and distributed pamphlets to spread awareness for Community service. From AB-6 the students boarded the Amity bus and moved to the venue, Geet Madhav Farm. At the venue the students were divided into several groups. One group helped the rural women and children for medical check up and get the free medicines. Other group of students interacted with the rural folk for a first hand perception in the awareness of sanitation and balanced nutrition. Other group of students organised the rural women and children to the various counters where Biscuits, bun and cloths brought by the students were distributed to all those who came to the camp.

At 1 pm the students were given some refreshment by the NGO after which Certificates of appreciation was distributed by Mrs,Rita Jaiswal, President, Ladies Inner Wheel Club. At 1.15 pm the students boarded the bus and were back to the University campus at 1.30 pm for the rest of the classes.

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