Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism receives UNWTO Ted Qual Certification by UNWTO Themis Foundation

Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism (AITT),ISO 9001-14001 Certified Institution dedicated to provide quality education to students in the area of Travel and Tourism, has covered a glorious milestone by  receiving UNWTO Ted Qual Certification by UNWTO Themis Foundation

UNWTO.Ted Qual Certification is an International Certification that aims to improve the quality of the tourism education, training and research programmes. It involves thoroughly assessing the five parameters of an Institute including internal and external aspects of the Programme: the coherence of the plan of studies; infrastructure and pedagogical support; policies, tools and support mechanisms for administrative management; the existence of transparent mechanisms for the selection of the faculty and favourable conditions for their professional development; and the relevance of the content of the programme of studies with respect to the needs of the tourism sector.

AITT, after rigorous scanning and duly fulfilling the eligibility criteria, has received this prestigious accreditation which would provide a host of benefits to the Institute including:

(a)    International promotion of the Institution and its programmes through UNWTO’s various communication tools and mechanisms.

(b)   Inclusion in UNWTO.TedQual Network – a platform where Travel and Tourism Institutions across the globe share knowledge, good practices and technical support.

(c)    Participation in cooperation-for-development projects in less-developed countries with the aim to support the creation or improvement of their study programmes.

(d)   Internship opportunities for students and professors at UNWTO.TedQual Institutions and at the UNWTO.Themis Foundation

(e)    Scholarship opportunities for the “Tourism and International Cooperation for Development” university course

(f)    Participation in joint research projects

Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism stands for excellence in imparting education in the area of Travel and Tourism and UNWTO Ted Qual Certification is yet another testimony to this fact.

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