“CBS technology would save time in Banking services”, avers Mr. Parthdev Dutta, General Manager – Allahabad Bank to the Probationary Officers at Amity University

Amity Institute of Training & Development is conducting 13 week training program for the Probationary Officers of Allahabad Bank at Amity Campus, Sector-44 Noida from July – September 2013. After the completion of 8th week with the culmination of Core Business Solution (CBS) training, Amity University organized felicitation ceremony for the trainers of CBS program who were of the rank of Chief Managers and Senior Managers posted at different branches of Allahabad Bank across the country.

The felicitation ceremony was graced by Mr. Parthdev Dutta, General Manager – New Delhi Zone, Allahabad Bank; Mr. Sanjay Jain, Deputy General Manager – NCR Region, Allahabad Bank; Mr. S. Majumdar, AGM Industrial Finance Branch – Allahabad Bank; Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President – Amity Group.

Addressing the trainees as future governors of Allahabad bank, Mr. Parthdev Dutta, General Manager – New Delhi Zone, Allahabad Bank said that with the advent of CBS technology, the time saved should be put in marketing and building customer relationship. In the era of tough competition, the customer can shift banking operations immediately if not satisfied. Banking has now become relationship management under which we have to work. Customers are techno savy; so be ready to face their complaints. Our aim should be of zero complaint branch, providing service with smile. Mr. Dutta added that you all are carrying the image of Allahabad Bank on your shoulder, so whatever you do or commit, will be discussed in market by customers. Giving glimpses of growth of Allahabad Bank, Mr. Dutta said that bank has a glorious legacy of 149 years, leading the banking movement in India. In year 2003 our business level was Rs 38,000 crore with 24,000 manpower and now the business level is Rs 3,10,000 crore with 22,000 manpower. All this phenomenal success is all thanks to Core Business Solution (CBS) technology. Mr. Dutta added that from year 2007onwards, Allahabad Bank is continuously recruiting people. Mr. Dutta said that in his times, it took 25 years to become the General Manager but now from 2005-06 onwards they have adopted Fast Track Promotion Scheme through which highly performing persons are promoted in short duration. While giving a piece of advice to the Probationary Officers, Mr. Dutta said that they all should continue to put their best, apply whatever is learnt, implement training experience and the result will be the byproduct of your effort. 60% of the present work force will retire in next 5-6 years and then you will carry forward the legacy of Allahabad Bank. Motivating the Probationary Officers, Mr. Dutta called them as high performing young officers and adviced them to match the expectation of their customers. Mr. Dutta said that Allahabad Bank is planning to introduce 1000 more ATMs by March 2014.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President – Amity Group said that this is very important occasion for all the participating probationary officers of this training program wherein we are felicitating the trainers of Core Business Solution. Dr. Chauhan announced the opening of Banking Training Institute shortly and avered that this training will prove to be constructive and beneficial to achieve exponential success in life for probationary officers.

Expressing the gratitude towards their trainers, Ms. Aleena Riza – Probationary Officer said that CBS has now become lifeline for the operation of any bank. It is indeed matter of great pride that experienced officers from Allahabad Bank have trained us in this CBS system of Banking.

Another Probationary Officer Ms. Neha Singh remarked that with this training program we are getting transformed from college life to professional life. They all are indebted towards the trainers for imparting the skills and techniques of banking operations for their successful future.

 Mr. Parthdev Dutta, General Manager – New Delhi Zone, Allahabad Bank and  Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President – Amity Group presented the awards to the trainers which includes Mr. Rajiv Rai – Senior Manager; Ms. Lakhwinder Kaur– Senior Manager; Mr. H.K. Aggarwal – Senior Manager; Mr. Fateh Uddin – Senior Manager; Ms. Jyoti Batra – Branch Manager; Ms. Ritu Kansal – Senior Manager, Mr. T.C. Gupta – Senior Manager; Mr. Harish Gulati – Senior Manager; Ms. Chetali – Manager IT; Ms. Sapna Jain – Senior Manager and Ms. Seema Singh – IT Expert.

On this occasion senior officials from Allahabad Bank, senior officials from Amity Group were present.

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