Amity Business School organises HR Crest

HR Club of Amity Business School organised intra institute event titled HR Crest on August 22, 2013.

The event consisted of 2 activities: “What Next?” and“Extempore”. Participating audience were engaged by using fillers andquestions to keep up the interest levels.

The judging panel consisted ofDr. Rosy Kalra and Dr. Smrita Sinha. Faculty members who providedmotivation by showing their support in the form of their presence included Dr.Arun Pandey. Ms. Shweta Awasthi, Mr. Hargovind Kakkar, Ms. Shikha Mishra, Ms.Anubha Srivastava, Dr. R.Sujata, Ms. Anshul Yadav, Ms. Anita Venaik The winnersof the event were:

- Koshika, Aneesha, Aishwarya, Prateeksha

·     - Stuti, Ramita ,Saurabh, Aditi 

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