Central Library, Amity University celebrates National Library Day

Central Library, Amity University observed NationalLibrary Day on August 12, 2013. The day is to remember the birthanniversary of Dr S.R. Ranganathan who is considered as Father of LibraryScience. The Library Staff of AmityUniversity including that of other departments who are not in the CentralLibrary and the Librarian's of DIT Greater Noida were invited to participate.

Skit and other creative programmes were performed by Libraryprofessionals during the celebrations.

Also, about eight Library staff members along with Dr Rangashri Kishore, Director - Central Library went to an educational trip as part of building team effortand learning to Kurukshtra in Haryana. The highlight of the one day trip wasthe visit to the Digital Museum of Krishna which had displayed artifacts andmanuscripts dating back to 5000 years and the latest technological innovationof digital effects to the story of Mahabharata. In addition, the visit to thehistorical place where "Geetopadesh"was done was also veryinformative.

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