Amity Kolkata - Orientation Program 2013

We seek blessings of Respected Founder President, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, whose philanthropic vision has made formal education reach to various cities and states of the country; President Chancellor Amity University, Shri Atul Chauhan, whose mission of making Amity as the largest Education Group, has given this country’s youth strong values and sanskars; Our beloved Vice President (AGBS campuses), Mr. U. Ramachandran, who has been burning the night oil to ensure the smoothest operation and complete student satisfaction at all campuses; Mr. Vipin Sharma, D.G.M. Amity, whose impeccable support and strategies have made the wings of the campus stronger to fly even higher.Heartfelt thanks to the entire HQ team of AGBS HQ Noida, without whose support the transition from one concluding to another orientation would not have been possible.

Day 1.

•Welcome ceremony followed by student registration.

•The Program commenced with the sacred Havan,in which offering was made for an auspicious beginning.

•Speech by the respected Dean Prof Ankita C Bhattacharya, whereby all the staff members were introduced to the Freshers.

•The new students were briefed about the anti-ragging norms of Amity by Prof. Gautam Sinha.

Day 2.

•Alumni Speak - Three Alumni shared their experiences regarding their stay at Amity Kolkata.

•Ice-breaking session by Marketing team

•The students were asked to make a collage and present the same which was interactive and vibrant.

Day 3.

•Briefing on Campus recruitment opportunities and selection criteria by Prof. Priyanka Basu Choudhury and Mr. Saurabh Bose

•Few existing students shared their 2 months SIP experience

•Briefing on Mentor- Mentee by Prof Paromita Dhar.

•Students were briefed about their Class mentor, SIP mentor and House Mentor.

•Interactive session on SAP was conducted by Prof. Soma Sinha Roy and Mr. Arindam Sen

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