One day Consultative Workshop on Youth Power: Unleashing the Positive Potential of Youth Organized at Amity

Youth Empowerment in different spheres of National Life is the need of the hour and it is so essential to tap this vast potential of resource for the betterment of mankind. In addition, the youth of the country should enjoy greater participation in the processes of decision-making and execution at local and higher levels. Keeping this in view Amity World Youth Forum (AWYF) organized One day Consultative Workshop on Youth Power: Unleashing the Positive Potential of Youth at Amity University Campus, Noida. Amity World Youth Forum was working through its sister organization, AmityCare, which has more than over 25,000 members undertaking various activities and programmes for youth. Amity World Youth Forum is an initiative which will inspire the youth of the country to take pride in their heritage and culture and work towards fulfillment of their dreams.

Inaugurating the workshop Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF) said, “The age group of 13 to 35 years fall in the category of youth. In keeping with the National Youth Policy 2003, we propose to subdivide the youth into two broad sub-groups viz. 13-19 years and 20-35 years. The youth belonging to the age group 13-19, which is a major part of the adolescent age group, will be regarded as a separate constituency. It has been estimated that in India alone we have approximately 450 million people in the age group of 13-35 years. One can therefore imagine the vast potential of the youth that can be tapped in the growth of our country. If nothing is done then this large force could be exploited by the unsocial elements to spread violence and hatred. In order to achieve our objectives, the Amity World Youth Forum will lean heavily on the objectives of the Indian National Youth Policy, 2003. The objective will be to make this Forum a strong body, whose wealth of expertise on matters pertaining to the youth will make its voice heard by the decision-makers at the policy planning level of the Government of India. Having members from different countries, the AWYF will, in the years to come, represent millions of young people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The AWYF will bring together these interests and views in a democratic and accountable way”.

Lt. General Bopanna, P.V.S.M, A.V.S.M, V.S.M (Retd), Director General, Amity Indian Military College while sharing his views remarked, “The objectives of the workshop are to promote awareness amongst the youth, in the fields of history of their country, heritage, arts and culture; apprise decision-makers of the needs and aspirations of young people regardless of their background; sustain and reinforce the spirit of volunteerism amongst the youth in order to build individual character and generate a sense of commitment to the goals of developmental programmes; create an international perspective in the youth and to involve them in promoting peace and understanding and the establishment of a just global economic order through opportunities for international exchange and networking; develop qualities of citizenship and dedication to community service amongst all sections of the youth; improve the opportunities and living conditions of young people at all levels; encourage sports and recreational facilities as constructive outlets for the abundant energy of the youth; provide an environment for young people to organize themselves, to participate in youth NGOs and in democratic decision-making at all levels; create more opportunities for international exchange and networking; highlight the valuable work done by young volunteers across India in and through youth NGOs; conduct seminars/workshops on topics that are of concern to young people; facilitate access, for all sections of the youth, to health information and services; promote a social environment which strongly inhibits the use of drugs and other forms of substance abuse, wards off disease (like HIV/AID

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