Dr. Manas K. Mandal, Director, DIPR delivered lecture at Amity

Under the aegis of Amity International Centre, lecture was organised on May 04, 2007. Dr. Manas K. Mandal (PhD.) Professor of Psychology, Director, DIPR, Ministry of Defence, Government of India deliverd lecture on topic " Frustration, Demotivation and Depression: Cause, Prevention and Remedy.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation welcomed Dr. Manas K. Mandal and said that each of us in any phase of life have suffered from either Frustration or demotivation or depression. From three of this depression is worst and very harmful for the person who suffers it.

Dr. Manas K. Mandal (PhD.) Professor of Psychology, Director, DIPR in his lecture said that there are many types of conflicts in life which can be as under:
Value - Expectation - Reality
Interest - Expectation - Ability
Duty - Family - Career
Life - Career - Status
Affliation - Achievement - Power

Conflict arises confusion which leads to tension to frustration to aggression and finally to depression.

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