Workshop on Gestalt Therapy

Workshop on Gestalt Therapy (22 – 25 Aug 13)


1.         Amity Institute of Behaviour and Allied Sciences, Lucknow Campus, organized a National Workshop on Gestalt Therapy in two batches across four days from 22nd to 25th August, 2013. The workshop was conducted by Dr. L. Sam S. Manickam, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, JSS University, Mysore. There were 40 participants from 10 different states including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, New Delhi, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.


2.         The first session started with discussions on origin and basic concepts of Gestalt Therapy. Experiential learning was the primary training methodology adopted to make the participants get an actual feel of the techniques of Gestalt Therapy. Empty Chair Technique, Dream Work Analysis, and other group techniques were used to make the participants understand the process with clarity.


3.         The following sessions were even more intensive and close knit experiential learning was emphasized by Prof Sam Manickam. Awareness of ourselves and our feelings was deepened through group activities. Psychodrama was used and incidents of real life were pictorially depicted and then enacted to make participants relive them and feel the emotions attached to them. It was a great a treat experience for the participants from 10 different states to sit and work together to get a better understanding of Gestalt Therapy. The rigorous training sessions using group techniques, role plays and fun based learning activities and ended with certificate distribution.

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