Business Turks

Business Turks (23 – 30 Aug 13)- A Business Simulation Exercise


1.      Objectives:       


(a)                Students to get an opportunity to analyze and understand integrated business

activities of a working company.

(b)               Students to get a hands on experience to form and run a business company in

simulated mode

(c)                Students to get a platform to present and defend their business plan before experts.


2.      Teams-(Faculty). Seven Teams comprising of Faculty Members (ABS) and twenty students , one each for selected enterprises,  took the initiative as under :-



Team I

Team II

Team III

Team IV

Team V

Team VI

Team VII

Co Name



Room No

Brindavan Bottlers




Hotel Clarks Avadh














Orient Actus




Money House













  1. The Professors were the mentors for the teams as a shared resource. They were the facilitators and moderators for all the teams as per their functional expertise.
  2. The senior-most Asstt. Professor (AP) was nominated as the Team Leader and had full ownership and responsibility of the assigned team. The Team Leaders also provided functional support as needed to their respective teams.


3.      Action Plan


(a)                     During the holidays/ May-June, 2013 - The Faculty Teams visited the works of the


(b)           July, 2013, 3rd week

            (i)       Teams divided the students in their Team into sub groups of not less than four


(II)               Each Team held meetings of the student groups under them to apprise them of

the objective, intent and gravity of the exercise.


  (c)          July, 2012, 4th week to 03.08.12-Teams revisited the works of the enterprises-this time

   with student groups allotted to them. Teams/representatives and Students went to the

   enterprise to seek information that they wanted. The integrated business activities of the

   enterprise was fully understood before individual student groups get into 24x7 mode of action

   for forming and running a company.


The Exercise in Practical (During 24x7 Activity)


4.         Day1 & 2:- Faculty Teams discussed their understanding of integrated business and the activities of the enterprise with the students. They also pointed out the observations without giving faculty inputs.


5.         Day 3 & 4:- Operation started at 9 a.m. During this time the process of  Scenario              Injection (as and when appropriate) was conducted.


6.         Day 5:-11.a.m. onwards: Preparation for presentations.


7.         Day-6:-           Presentations-Preliminary Round:-Intra Team- The best group from each Team was selected.


8.         Day-7:- Final Round :-Inter Team- Presentations by 8 teams before Pro VC and Prof. V.P Sahi and with the CEO’s of the selected 8 organizations as judges..

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