Dr. Kiran Bedi inaugurates Workshop on Gender Sensitization at Amity University

Amity World Women Forum (AWWF) organized a One-Day Consultative Workshop on Gender Sensitization: Future Scenario at Amity University Campus, Noida which was inaugurated by Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS, Director General, Bureau of Police Research & Development, Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi. Lauding the efforts of Amity in initiating this historic movement, she said that today there is need to understand ground reality. A man is born with two silver spoons, first that nature has made man physically strong and by biological, general and logical means, man is meant to take burden on his shoulders. On the other hand woman handles suffering, pains, whether it is stress at home, labour pains or pains inflicted by her dear ones. The need of the hour is that women need to be financially independent, educated and use these two strengths to overcome all the weakness to help make the society strong. Addressing the issue of rising crime graph, she said that criminal justice reforms need to be strengthened and political voice needs to be changed so that a common voice raises against crime.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education (RBEF) said women empowerment will change the entire world. There is need to find out the ways to begin changes at grass root level, specially villages. For a majority of Indian women, life itself has been a long hurdle race, both within and outside the family. Indeed, in these days of globalization, the global picture of women is most immoral and inequitable. Women constitute 50 percent of the world’s population. They account for 66 percent for the work done and have a share of 10 percent of world’s income but they own only 1 percent of the world’s property. Thus the woman is the epitome of global injustice and inequality. He was of the opinion that a day will come when man will have to prove his abilities to the woman and therefore there is a greater need to sensitize today’s man. About 50 animators, aanganwari workers from different blocks of Haryana who have been trained by Amity participated and in a special session, Dr. Chauhan tried to understand the problems, potential and the ambitions of the village women and how they can contribute to nation building.

While summing up the proceedings of workshop Prof. (Dr.) Vimala Veeraraghavan, Vice Chairman, Amity World Women Forum remarked, “Gender based inequities permeate almost every aspect of the growing girl's social and cultural environment. For the average Indian child, the values and norms that define and often disparage the role of women significantly aggravate the privations of poverty. The high maternal mortality in the South East Asian countries is primarily due to the neglect of women by society. Women all over the world and in India are achieving greater heights in many fields and even in those fields which were until now considered for males. Therefore the question to be addressed today is ‘Will Woman continue to be regarded as the weaker sex in the decades to come?’

Several issues such as the Best practices in gender policies in organizations, providing of equal opportunity to men and women in all spheres of life, the importance of family-friendly work policies, flexible work arrangements, integrating the concerns of both rural and urban women and work out possible strategies, women’s roles, responsibilities, time, activities and skills in globalization and changing contexts, establishing gender balance at all levels, monitoring and evaluation of implemented policies in regard to gender equality, legal issues facilitating gender equality, sensitization of gender needs in all areas and training for gender sensitization were discussed during this consultative workshop. Several questions were answered collectively during the panel discussions by eminent personalities such as Dr. Meera Ramachandran, Principal, Gargi College; Dr. Ravi Nehru, HOD, Neurology, GB

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