Amity participated as an academic partner in Workshop on “The Making of INDIAN GIANTS - Special Management Program with VERNE HARNISH

Senior faculty members and alumni of Amity University attended a unique Workshop on “The Making of INDIAN GIANTS. Amity participated as an academic partner in the workshop which was a Special Management Program with Mr. VERNE HARNISH. Mr. Harnish is popularlised as the “Growth Guy” syndicated columnist and contributing Editor for Fortune Small Business Magazine.

Discussing the strategy of any company, Dr. Alka Munjal, Director Amity School of Business questioned Mr. Harnish “which one is more important; Core strategies or The Execution of those strategies”. To which Mr. Harnish replied that “I don’t want to sound different from others when I say strategies are more important”. He adviced all the participants to read: “The power at Full Management” book to understand Energy Management & Time Management. He suggested students to meet One Customer a week. He summed up first session by saying “Reputation is that, which you can lose only once” and to be an Indian giant, company has to take care of it. His passion for helping companies grow is clearly illustrated in his sessions.

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