Delegations from Hoseo Graduate School , Korea and Georgia State University, USA visits Amity University

A Delegation of Faculty and students from Hoseo Graduate School of Global Education, Seoul, Korea and from Georgia State University, USA visited Amity Business School, Noida.The visit was aimed to learn about Indian business methods, cultures and practices especially in small and medium sized firms managed by entrepreneurs as well how to meet young entrepreneurs.

Prof. Daniel Lee, Hoseo Graduate School of Global Education, Seoul, Korea addressed Amity Directors and faculty and said, “The objectives of the visit are to learn how recent changes in the policies of federal, state and local governments have helped or hindered entrepreneurship in India, learn about the challenges currently faced by an Indian entrepreneur in starting a business, financing it and running it on a day-to-day basis, how the growth of the Internet has impacted entrepreneurship in India, how the dramatic growth in outsourcing of services (call centers, BPOs) from the US to India has had an impact on the culture, family values and finances of the Indian youth and their views on entrepreneurship, learn how governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations encourage and support entrepreneurship in India, learn about views of Indian MBA students at leading management institutes about entrepreneurship and learn how entrepreneurship is taught at leading management schools in India.”

Maj (Gen) R.K. Dhawan, Sr. Vice President, International Affairs, Amity University welcomed the delegation and commented, “This mission is arranged to explore the potential for partnerships and policy exchange between Government and education providers in USA, Korea and India. There are a number of very successful partnerships already in place between the three countries and there is a possibility to explore the potential for strengthening our links further.”

Prof James A. Beach, Institute of International Business, Georgia State University, Atlanta USA said, “There is diverse range of jobs available in USA wherein the most popular sectors are engineering, technology, business and administrative studies, finance and IT. The vision is to make USA a leading country that India engages with in terms of education, skills and workforce development”. Profile of the students (Graduate level or Postgraduate level) from Hoseo Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship- 25 persons (1 Professor, 2 staff, 22 graduate students)
Some of them were doing their own business while others working on Bank, Government Body, Tech Company, Airlines.

Georgia State University, Robinson College of Business-21 persons (2 professors, 1 staff, 18 students)
Profile of the students-Undergraduate and graduate students interested in International Entrepreneurship. The graduate students were either pursuing a Masters in International Business or an MBA with a concentration in International Business. The undergraduate students were seniors (fourth year) who were primarily finance, management and marketing majors with an interest in international business and entrepreneurship.

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