Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, CMD – NTPC inaugurates seminar on ‘Examples of Learning in Competitive Intelligence at Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management

Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management, Amity University conducted a day long seminar on “Examples of Learning in Competitive Intelligence”. The Seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman & Managing Director - NTPC, Ms. Divya Rajput, Head - Centre for Business Innovation & IT Services, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, Dr. Prabhat Ranjan, Executive Director Technology, Information and Assessment Council (TIFAC), DST Government of India and Mr. Gurpawan Singh, Vice President-Asia, Pinkerton, Corporate Risk Management.


Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Addl. Vice Chancellor– Amity University welcomed the competitive intelligence practitioners, experts and delegate members and said that competitive intelligence is the most sough after subject for all the corporates. There is nothing better than human intelligence. One has to understand personalities, situation and accordingly handle them through competitive intelligence and business intelligence. Dr. Singh said that there are broadly two types of personalities – dominant and passive and a good leader has to understand the nature of both for smooth working condition.  


While addressing the budding and curious entrepreneurs, Dr. Arup Roy Choudhury, Chairman & Managing Director - NTPC said that competitive intelligence is very important and is practiced from time memorial. In ancient scriptures of Ramayana and Mahabharata also, instances of corporate intelligence are mentioned. Intelligence forms an important aspect and carves the way to conduct business. Intelligence is about how to overcome a situation and beat the competitor.  It is coming out as a winner in competitive situation. Dr. Choudhury asserted that intelligence is an intelligent guess marked with collecting, analyzing and interpreting the information about the market, product or individual. Sharing tips of practicing competitive intelligence to the budding corporate, Dr. Choudhury said that do not delay the decision making process and learn the importance of market strategisation. He presented a novel idea of observing, analyzing and researching the moves of competitor in the market before venturing into the business. He termed it as “early bird catches the worm but second bird catches best worms”. Dr Choudhury further stated that competitive intelligence and professional ethics are two things which are close to each other. To collect intelligence information without breaching upon corporate ethics is imbibed in a person through learning and wisdom. If the intention of a person are pure than he can never be unethical. Dr Choudhury added that in any kind of situation, one must do SWOT analysis and should learn how to convert weakness into strength & threats into opportunities. He further advised the students to align their goals with corporate goals when they take up jobs. While taking decisions in life, be prepared, as every 2 out of 10 decisions might go wrong but keeping the conscious clear is very important, remarked Dr. Choudhury while addressing to the queries of inquisitive students who were mesmerized by his lecture on Management.


During the occasion the book “Management by Idiots” authored by Dr. Arup Roy Chaoudhury was reviewed. The book is a window to the professional journey of Dr. Choudhury and gives directions to the path towards success as an individual, manager and organization. The book does not contain theories of management practices but real life experiences of the author i.e. heading companies in turbulent time. The book contains quotes from Shakespeare, Picaso, Bhagwad Gita, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs etc.


During the occasion, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President – Amity Group acknowledged that 90% of his success in life is due to competitive intelligence. Dr. Chauhan stated that if one has a command in competitive intelligence, then he can achieve anything and everything in life. Dr Chauhan said that the world is full of different type of people with ego, adverse behavior. To move ahead in path to success one has to know how to tackle each kind of people and how to achieve best from every situation.  Dr Chauhan asserted that 99% people utilize only 5-7% of their potential and only 1 % people are born to achieve something from the life.


Ms. Divya Rajput, Head - Centre for Business Innovation & IT Services, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India in her address said that IICA is an enabler and regulator working towards good corporate governance, corporate social responsibility,  corporate and competition law, accounting and auditing issues, compliance management, business sustainability through environmental sensitivity, social responsibility, e-Governance and enforcement etc.  Ms Rajput briefed the audience about the different competitive analysis methodology which includes various algorithms and qualitative techniques like price correlation analysis, price elasticity analysis, critical loss analysis, switching analysis, shock analysis etc.  


Mr. Gurpawan Singh, Vice President-Asia, Pinkerton, Corporate Risk Management briefed the audience about the  insider threat, stating that it is about the people who are working in the organization, having maximum knowledge about the plans and then suddenly passes all the information to the competitor. Mr. Singh said that corporate warfare has the same composition of any other war fare wherein professional ethics are overtaken and desire to success becomes every thing. Mr. Singh warned that a disgruntled employee or where human resource is manhandled can become biggest insider threat for a company. These employees are welcomed by the competitors due to their present skill sets and the source of information which they can provide. Mr. Singh cautioned that insider threat will continue to loom in, as it is part of corporate war fare.


Inaugural session was followed by strategic sessions wherein corporate experts share their experiences on different issues related to competitive intelligence. Ms. Sheetal Chopra, Head External Affairs and Public Policy – Vodafone India Ltd addressed the audience on the topic “Gaining competitive advantage through IP intelligence for emerging markets. Mr. Rajiv Arora, Director WW Enterprise Alliance Partners – Microsoft briefed the audience on “Cognition and performance though integration of competitive intelligence and information technology. Mr. Neeraj Deshpande, Assistant Manager – C-vent Pvt Ltd addressed on “Going beyond google to competitive intelligence from the deep web. Mr. Yogesh Vaish, Joint Director and Head, National Tech Manpower Info System, Planning Commission, Government of India presented his talk on “Government Initiatives on Competitive Intelligence”. Mr. Saurabh Bindal, Advocate Delhi High Court addressed on “Fostering Competitive Intelligence through Legal ways- Challenges and Opportunities”. Mr. Oliver Guirdham, Director, The Business Research Company presented his views on “The place of Competitive Intelligence within the Larger Business Research Universe”


Senior Officials, faculty members and students of Amity Institute of Competitive Intelligence & Strategic Management were present during the occasion.

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