Visit Programme of Shri B. L. Soni, IPS Addl. D. G. of Police, Rajasthan & Director, Rajasthan Police Academy

In the tradition ofconducting lectures and workshops by academic and corporate laureates ASCENTorganized an expert lecture and interactive session to create awareness aboutlaw and moral values among students. The session was addressed by Mr. B. L. Soni,Additional Director of Police, Rajasthan.During the session while sharingexperiences via maxims and anecdotes Mr. B.L.Soni hailed the modern time as theera of youth.  

Mr. Soni, in his terseand epigrammatic session laid emphasis on integrity, honesty, patriotism androle of youth in shaping and shading India’s future in techno-ethical horizons.During the questionnaire session students were benefitted by Mr.Soni’s approachto mount ladder of success via strict discipline and honesty. Besides castinglight on various police reforms and developing police-public friendly approachto develop congenial atmosphere an emphasis was laid on respecting women,citing it as the pivot for all development and humanity. During epilogue, thestudents took pledge for notwithstanding any social injustice under anycircumstance.

Prof. S.K .Dubey,Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, presented memento to Mr. Soni, for extracting timedespite of his extremely busy schedule. Mr. Soni overwhelmed by the studentresponse promised to   be an integralpart of such programs in future.  Duringthe discussion Mr. Soni laid emphasis on the power & duties of youth. Mr.Soni upheld the moral values of Integrity, Honesty & Patriotism through Positivism.Students were highly enlightened from the discussion and inculcated ethicalvalues imbued with modern wisdom and took pledge for zero tolerance against anysocial injustice.

The Hon’ble ViceChancellor welcomed by presenting a memento to Mr. Soni.

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