Amity University organises International Conference on “Male Reproductive Health”

Amity University in association with The Society of Andrology, India started two day International Conference on “Male Reproductive Health” incorporating XIX Annual Congress of The Society of Andrology at Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida.


During the two day Conference, Scientists and Researchers will discuss and deliberate upon the key issues related to “Male Sexual Dysfunction and advances in treatment”, “Male Contraception”, “Male Reproductive Health Environment and Occupational Impact”, “Nanotechnology and Andrology” and others


Welcoming the distinguished gathering, Prof. S.S. Agrawal -Group Dy. Pro Vice Chancellor, Amity University and Professor & Advisor, Amity Institute of Pharmacy stressed that Male reproductive health is of great importance in the national context and there is a need for constant development of effective drugs and technologies in this area. He expressed his hope that the Conference would provide an opportunity to researchers and scientists to share and upgrade technical advancements in the area of male reproductive health. He highlighted that during the two day Conference, 31 Speakers from India and abroad will share their views and over 70 posters on various aspects of Andrology would be presented.


Delivering the key note address on “Non Surgical Reversible Orchiectomy and Management of patients suffering from Carcinoma Prostate by an anti- LHRH Vaccine”, Prof. G P Talwar-Founder Director, National Institute of Immunology and Director- Research, The Talwar Research Foundation said that LHRH is a decapeptide made by both male and female bodies and does many good things in the body but if flamed, can result in Breast Cancer in females and Prostate Cancer in men. He shared that largest number of males dying in US is because of Prostate Cancer. Prof. Talwar appraised the gathering that human immune system does not raise anti-bodies to this self molecule LHRH and LHRH anti-bodies, injected in human bodies through vaccinations, could block fertility in males and females by cutting off Estrogen and Testosterone support to hormone dependant Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer. He remarked that vaccinations against LHRC can completely do away with the need for surgical procedures in men, which requires the removal of testis in men. He shared that researchers at Talwar Research Foundation are trying to develop Recombinant LHRH Vaccines which would be of lesser cost as compared to semi-synthetic Vaccines, which are expensive and are carrier induced immunosuppressants.


Prof. Peter Nigel Brett- - Director, Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, Brunel University, Uxbridge shared his views on “Research on appropriate advance surgical technology for application in practice” and outlined new surgical approaches and devices being used in US which are economical and require less set up and training overhead while augmenting surgical skill. He appraised gathering with the new Surgical Robotic Tools and Scanning and Virtual Tools used by Surgeons in US which are minimally invasive and work with precision. He stressed that future is small, easy to apply single function Surgical Robots who will complement the surgeons.


Addressing the gathering, Prof. S K Guha- President, The Society of Andrology, India expressed his joy on hosting the International Conference of the Society at Amity university and stressed that Andrology is very important Science since it involves a new beginning of life and influences the socio- economic structure of society. Therefore, it is very important to dwell deeper into Andrology and find out newer ways and approaches to deal with issues related to male reproductive health.


Addressing the gathering, Dr. W Selvamurthy-President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation (ASTIF) emphasized that male reproductive health is very important. Stressful life, excessive usage of mobile phones, lifestyle and environmental factors are taking toll on male fertility. He shared various researchers going on in the area of male reproductive health in Amity including the development of transdermal patches for the treatment of erectile dysfunction which would not have any of the side-affects associated with oral therapy.


The inauguration was followed by a session on “Erectile Dysfunction and advances in Treatments” wherein Dr. Rima Dada- Additional Professor, Department of Anatomy , AIIMS, Delhi; Dr. R K Singh- Deputy Director, CDRI, Lucknow, Dr. Ashutosh Haldar- Additional Professor, Department of Reproductive Biology, AIIMS, Delhi and other topic experts shared their views.


Sharing her views on “Sperm- Seeds of Concern”, Dr. Rima Dada- Additional Professor, Department of Anatomy , AIIMS, Delhi  stressed that sperm, a highly polarized cell, is most vulnerable to oxidative stress. In recent decades there has been a rapid decline in male reproductive health with an increase in number of cases with poor semen quality and testicular cancer which can be attributed to exposure to environmental pollutants, global warming and lifestyle factors. She remarked that Sperm DNA integrity is vital for birth of a healthy offspring and Sperm DNA damage has been closely associated with disorders of reproductive health including fertilization failure, poor embryo quality, recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA), congenital malformations (CM) and childhood cancers.


The last session for the day was on “Male Contraception” wherein Dr. R C M Kaza- Associate , Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi shared his views on “ Male infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology”; Prof. S K Guha- President, The Society of Andrology, India on “Advances in Contraception with medical benefits”, Dr. Anand Kumar- Managing Director and Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences on “Neurobiology of Love” and others.

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