Experts dwell on the need to provide specialized training to officials to handle Cyber Crimes effectively during a Seminar on “Forensics in Bank and Credit Card Frauds” at Amity Law School Noida

Amity Law School, Noida organized a day long Seminar on “Forensics in Bank and Credit Card Frauds” at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida.


Dr. J.R. Gaur, Principal Scientific Officer (Life Sciences), Bureau of Police Research and Development and Mr. Rakshit Tandon-Advisor, Cyber Crime Cell, Gurgaon Police and CEO A&R Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd inaugurated the Seminar.


Addressing the gathering, Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar-Director, Amity Law School & Dean, Faculty of Law, Amity University stressed that during the Seminar over 18 papers would be presented during four technical sessions wherein Law Practitioners, Bank Officials, Practicing Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries and budding lawyers from Law colleges and Institutes across Delhi/ NCR would share their views. He remarked that the meaningful suggestions which would emerge out of the Seminar will be compiled and sent to Policymakers for their consideration.


Sharing his views, Dr. J.R. Gaur, Principal Scientific Officer (Life Sciences), Bureau of Police Research and Development said that ever since the origin of man on the planet, crimes have been taking place in one form or the other. Various Laws are being enacted from time to time in order to check crime in the society. He shared that IT Act in India is of recent origin; the officials such as Police, Prosecutors and Lawyers are not well versed in handling cyber crimes as well as digital evidence since these crimes have recently emerged and the younger generation is more tech savvy. The pattern of crimes has changed over a period of time; the commission of crime by scientific methods makes it difficult for the executioners to bring perpetrators behind the bars. He opined that in cyber Crimes, India is still in infancy; ATM frauds are increasing. He suggested that effective forensic investigation at the scene of crime can bring criminals to book. The importance of the knowledge of forensic evidences specially traces of hair, fibre etc found at the site, have to be ingrained in the officials dealing with Cyber Crimes. He remarked that Banks need to take steps to install modern security and vigilance  gadgets and equipments including the CCTV cameras in the ATMs since most of the times, they record low resolution images which are difficult to identify once enlarged.


Addressing the gathering, Mr. Rakshit Tandon-Advisor, Cyber Crime Cell, Gurgaon Police and CEO A&R Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd shared that there has been a significant rise of 60% in Cyber Crimes from 2011 to 2012 in NCR and remarked that maximum number of perpetrators in Cyber Crimes are very young who are unaware of law and proudly proclaim themselves as “Ethical Hackers”  In 2011, Police arrested over 1630 perpetrators for Cyber Crime and out of those, 928 were college going students and over 65 were school going children. He opined that Cyber Laws in India needs transformation. At present, under Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008, the accused is punished for imprisonment, which may extend to three years or with fine, which may extend to five lakh rupees or both, irrespective of the magnitude of the crime committed. Cyber Laws have to be made stringent to restrict youngsters from indulging into them.

He announced that Gurgaon Police is offering 2 months Summer Internship to law students in Cyber Crime during the Month of May and June and at present, the process of shortlisting the interns is on. The selected interns would get an opportunity to work with the police personnel  who would handle live cases.


The inauguration was followed by sessions on- “Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Evidence in ATM/ Credit Card Crimes”, “Internet Banking: Transaction Frauds in Online shopping”, “Jurisdiction Issues in Cross Border Frauds- Investigation, Detection and Prosecution” and Digital Forensics with regard to Bank and Credit Card Frauds” wherein experts including Ms. Tanvi Sharma- Financial Analyst, Credit Card Division, Oriental Bank of Commerce Gurgaon, CA Amar Mittal -Central Statutory Auditor, State Bank of Hyderabad and others will share their views.

Advocate Ms. Neha Malik presented her views on “Transaction Frauds in Online Shopping” and suggested that while buying online, consumers should do a thorough research about the website, check their customer care numbers and preferably when ordering for the first time, try to order less expensive items. She advised that website security and privacy policies must be read before ordering and urged the online buyers to always refrain from sharing their pin no. of Credit and Debit Cards which is a gateway to their money. She stressed that Lottery related mails or mails asking for personal bank details should not be responded to and stressed to always check the sign of padlock on address bar of the online shopping portal, which assures the privacy of the online buyers.

CA Sarthak Ahuja, while sharing his views on “Internet Banking Frauds” stressed that the general perception that only Bank Accounts with swelling amounts of money could be phished, has to be done away with. He opined that people using Digital signatures should keep change their passwords to avoid their digital signatures being misused. He suggested that whenever a user is shopping online, he/she should add “S” with http, which to some extent, assures the privacy of the buyer. He familiarized the gathering with “ Trojan Virus and its modus- operandi”, “Sim Swapping”, “Watering Hole Attack”, with the help of various real life incidences from India and abroad.

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