Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering & Management organises a Guest Lecture on ‘Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication’

Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering & Management organized a guest lecture for MBA – Telecom Management, M. Tech (TSE + OEOC), B Tech (E&T), MCA and M Sc(NT&M) students by Mr. Dinesh Chand Sharma- Director –Standardization, Policy and Regulation (Seconded European Standardization Expert in India)


An industry veteran with more than 22 years experience Mr. Sharma an academic base of ‘Bachelor is  Electronics; Diploma with highest honour in Business Management from Stratford Institute Washington DC/USA and a SUN Certification. Prior to current appointment, he was with Ericsson India for 15 years with last profile of Director- Regulatory Affair & Industry Relation .


Mr. Sharma divided his lecture in four phases.  In first phase he covered; What are standards and why are they important? In phase two he gave background of M2M.In phase three he covered Smart M2M. In phase four he gave details of One M2M Partnership Project.


He mentioned that Standards are always voluntary, consensus based, established by all interested party, driven mainly by industry, drafted by technical experts and finally approved by recognized independent standardization body.


He emphasized that Standards enhance safety of products, promote common understanding, facilitate trade by reducing trading barriers, promote interoperability of products and services, benefits economies of scale, support environmental sustainability and facilitate the uptake of innovation & reflect the outcome of R&D.

Further he explained what is M2M? What are the process involved and other related issues? He also explained M2M Use Cases (viz Fleet Management, Home Energy Management &Smart Parking) and what is emerging from Use Cases. He explained how smart clusters become smart city. Mr Sharma also explained M2M Architecture. The whole lecture was very interesting and relevant.

The lecture was concluded with Questions /Answers session.

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