Amity Leadership Fest 2014 at Amity University Jaipur (April 2 to 4, 2014)

The Mega Fest, which is scheduled from April 2 to 4, 2014,is aimed to “Bring out the Leader” among students through events that range from Leadership Challenges, Technical Skill Displays, Creative Contests,Cultural Performances and Exciting Sundowners.

There are 67 competitive events in which over 5,000 students are expected to participate, and display their leadership skills and mental prowess. These include:

1. Geek Magic: An exciting set of events designed to stretch the technical skills of would be engineers to the limit; get their brain cells cracking and their mind racing as they scale new technical heights.

2. Cultural Curry:A heady mix of Indian, Western and Classical songs, dances and drama that should have the creative and combative juices flowing in the participants.

3. Kaleidoscope: A cocktail of contests aimed to bring out the best among the participants; quizzes that pit their knowledge skills against the best in the industry; events that give the man opportunity to excel with still and moving images; and much more.

4. Sundowners:  A range of specially designed events that will bring out the artist and the leader among the participants. 

Detailed information about the Amity Leadership Fest  is available on the Fest website

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