Budding Artists from Amity School of Fine Arts display their innovative works during “KREATIV 2014"

Amity School of Fine Arts inaugurated its two day annual Arts Exhibition “KREATIV 2014” at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida. The Exhibition will remain open till 2 pm, March 28, 2014.


Over 280 students from Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA in Applied Arts, Painting and Animation) and Masters of Fine Arts (MFA- Painting and Applied Arts) have put up their exquisite works in the exhibition ranging from Murals to Comic Art Digital, Stickers, Pencil Shading, Illustrations, Matte painting, Digital painting, 3D Models and Illusions to Show Cards of various brands.


The Exhibition was inaugurated by Padmashree Manu Parekh- Modern Artist and his wife, Mrs. Madhvi Parekh- Senior Artist, Mrs. Divya Chauhan- Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts and Dr. Balvinder Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh.


Welcoming the distinguished guests, Mrs. Divya Chauhan- Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts appreciated the hard work put in by the students and faculty members. She stressed that the students have used different mediums and tools of Art in the exhibitions including watercolor, marker, pencil crayons, brushed ink, oil pastels, paper mache, sculpture, clay, contour lines and poster paints. She shared that all the works displayed in the exhibition endeavors to disseminate messages of societal welfare including banning of cruelty against animals, detrimental effect of the plastics on humans, elevating the position and stature of women in society.


Addressing the budding artists of Amity School of Fine Arts, Padmashree Manu Parekh emphasized on the importance of sketching for an artist which, he stressed, is more important than brushing. He advised them to start practice sketching early in their college days, which will gradually get refined over the years and keep themselves updated with the new forms of Arts and coloring techniques emerging across the world in order to stay in Profession.


Sharing his views about the exhibition, Artist Mr. Krishan Ahuja appreciated the various works of Art displayed under KREATIV 2014. Pointing towards the dying Portrait Arts, he opined that Art Colleges and Institutes should inculcate the habit of drawing in all the students; they should be encouraged to draw atleast 10- 15 sketches of human figures, birds and animals everyday. Technology along cannot make them good artists. Technology aided with requisite drawing skills makes an artist perfect.

Also, present during the occasion were Eminent Painters, Mr. Somnath C Banerjee, Mr. Saptarishi and Mr. Madan


Aastha Kaushal and Sarina Grewal from 3rd year, BFA- Applied Art displayed a paper mache model of a traditionally dressed Indian woman shackled in golden chains titled as “ Sonne Ki Chidiya”. The model tried to depict the regressive views of society regarding women, who are struggling to find their righteous place in society.


Another installation “The Plastic Womb” by 3rd year students of Bachelors of Fine Arts- Applied Arts highlighted the effects of various types of pollution on human beings and nature. In the model, students displayed various countries of the world with plastic and an exaggerated womb, carrying a degenerated fetus, which visibly suffered the aftermath of excessive pollution created by human beings on the planet.


An installation titled as “Angootha Chaap: Kaala Akshar Bhains Barabar” highlighted the low literacy rates in India where the identity of many people is known by their thumb impressions.


Few students designed innovative “Showcards” for various brands, using their creativity and out of the box imagination.

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