Amity Center for Positivism organizes Guest Lecture by Dr. Sajjan Singh on positivism and health at Amity University Jaipur

Under the auspices of Amity Center for Positivism (ACP), a guest lecture was delivered on “Positivism and Health” by Dr. Sajjan Singh, Executive Chairperson, Indian Society of University of Third Age and Executive Member of Chinmaya Mission, Rewa, on March 24, 2014.

Prof. S.S. Nathawat, Director, Amity Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences, AUR and Director of ACP, AUR, in his welcome address expressed concern at the deterioration of values in every sphere of life in our country resulting in several problems including student unrest, stress disorders, drug addiction, corruption etc. “The best way to overcome these problems is to promote positivism. Positivism aims at enduring happiness, better quality of life, spiritualism and humanism,” Prof. Nathawat advised.

 Dr. Sajjan Singh, in his address, focused on the Indian view of positivism.  Furthermore, he also spoke on the Western view of positivism. He discussed the components of health given by WHO (Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual). Out of which more specifically, he talked about the spiritual component and structured a link between spirituality and positivism. He said that initially spirituality was not included as a component of WHO but was added later.


He also maintained a link between Indian and Western view of positivism. He said that earlier positivism and spirituality were separate concepts but today spirituality has become a part of it. He also talked about the strategies of changing the negative beliefs into positives to reduce stress from within. 


Dr Singh said different stress generated psychological disorders can be treated or prevented provided we change our belief system from negativity to positivity. He made the session very interesting with examples and stories which were highly appreciated and enjoyed by the students. He concluded that positivism is the only way to keep one healthy.


The lecture was attended by large number of students, faculty members, Directors, HOIs, HODs, VC, and Registrar.

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